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North American Headquarter Of Ford Achieved Zero Waste To Landfill


Ford Motor Company’s North American facilities achieve the landfill frees status.

Dailycsr.com – 15 February 2016 – The North American global headquarters of Ford Motor Company has achieved zero waste to landfill, whereby acquiring another feather on their hat in an attempt of reducing “its environmental impact” on a global scale.
The headquarter facilities of Ford in North America is located in various places like “Dearborn, Michigan, Oakville, Ontario, and Santa Fe, Mexico”. All of these above mentioned facilities are successfully “diverting” an annual total waste of “more than 240,000 pounds” from becoming landfills. Ford’s Environmental Quality Office’s Director, Andy Hobbs stated:
“Our global waste strategy commits Ford to reducing waste-to-landfill, and we have made great progress at our headquarters, manufacturing plants, offices and research facilities. We are proud of the efforts of our employees worldwide in their commitment to helping Ford reduce its environmental footprint.”
Almost a year ago, each of the North American headquarter facilities of Ford began the quest to achieve a “landfill-free status”. All the employees of these premises were given the instruction of separating waste and recycling all the possible ones. The facility in Mexico turned their food waste into compost, while the Canada and the U.S based headquarters “send refuse to waste-to-energy facilities”. In addition to that, all the site managers shifted to “more eco-friendly food containers in cafeterias”.
During the course of last five years, Ford has managed to bring down fifty percent of its landfill per vehicles rate on a global scale. At present, total fifty nine of Ford facilities do not send any waste to landfill. Throughout the word, Ford’s premises cut down the water usage rate by thirty percent per vehicle starting from the year of 2009, whereby the company attained its goal two years before the designated time frame, which was scheduled by the year of 2013. Ever since the year of 2011, Ford has relentlessly pushed towards reducing the energy consumption by twenty five percent. Likewise, its track records for this year are well within the goal.
Furthermore, BusinessWire reports:
“Interbrand’s 2014 list of the 50 Best Global Green Brands ranked Ford Motor Company No. 1 for its forward-thinking approach to environmentally responsible and sustainable manufacturing, and for greater transparency in its business operations and disclosure of information – particularly involving manufacturing”.