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Nepal Takes Circular Economy To Everest


Nepal cleans Everest and in the process creates green jobs.

Nepal Takes Circular Economy To Everest
Dailycsr.com – 23 July 2019 – Nepal is working to save “Mount Everest from trash”, whereby the country had launched a “month-long cleaning campaign”, wherein it has collected nearly “10,000 kg of rubbish”.
This “mega clean-up drive” brought government, “non-government agencies” and team of dedicated Sherpas together as they worked to reduce litter and also “removed four dead bodies from the roof of the world” in the process. This news was reported by “Xinhua news agency”.
The solid waste thus collected was not sent straight away to “landfill near Kathmandy”, instead they were first assorted, then “processed and recycled as raw materials for various products”. In the words of the Head of “Blue Waste to Value”, a “social enterprise” based out of Kathmandu, Nabin Bikash Maharjan:
“We segregated the collected materials in different categories such as plastic, glass, iron, aluminium and textile. Of the 10 tonnes of waste collected, two tonnes have been recycled. The remaining eight were soil mixed with wrappers and semi-burned items, which could not be recycled”.
Moreover, the team under Mr. Maharjan is also involved with “municipalities, hospitals, hotels and different offices” working to “maximise value” through recycling of waste along with lowering the amount of waste that reach landfills and in the process creating “green jobs”. The company sought to make the campaign “more effective” as it suggested the authorities to create “an initial processing unit” in the mountain region itself. In this manner, the waste could be “segregated immediately”, whereby making it more easy to manage.
However, the company is not involved directly in the recycling process, instead it “collaborates with another firm”, namely “Moware Designs”. Through this partnership, the duo designs “up-cycled glass bottle products” and sell them on online platform.
Ujen Wangmo Lepcha is from Moware Designs, who informed that the “glass products” thus created are “trendy and useful for homes home, offices, restaurants and hotels”, while they are also treated as decorative pieces like “flower vase, candle cover, plates, travel cups, regular drinking glasses or as an accessory”.
The above mentioned products are available at various rates starting from “350 Nepalese rupees to 2,000 Nepalese rupees” which is equivalent to “$3” and “$18” respectively. Moreover, these items come sterilized, which means they are “bacteria free”, besides it has also become a means for the local women to earn their livelihood.