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NCP Protects Its Lone Workers From Possible Risk Of Potential Abuse Or Possible Mishaps


Taking the “variety of risks” that the lone workers of NCP could face, the company makes Identicom device accessible to them.

Dailycsr.com – 30 August 2017 – NCP selected Identicom for its workers, as the device holding an identity card, is although “easy to wear” but when it comes to using it remains a discreet affair.
There were several reason for the company to settle down on “SoloProtect Identicom”. However, the device’s “discreet appearance and focus on customer service” top the list. Identicom has the GSM technology of mobile phone, while at the time of requirement it also provides a “24/7 link to a state-of-art Alarm Receiving Centre”.
In fact, the designs enables “a range of personnel and lone worker applications” to fit into the device, which provides support to the wearer in case of “potential verbal abuse”, sudden slip, trip or illness, as well as potential “physical attack”. NCP’s head of operations of North, Rupert Abercrombie, added:
“SoloProtect has been there for us right from the start, through implementation, assisting us with any issues, training and helping us drive usage. The service from the ARC when a genuine ‘Red Alert’ occurs has been excellent.”
While, HSE stated:
“SoloProtect solutions are BS 8484:2016 approved guaranteeing a police escalation, one level above a 999 call where appropriate. Every SoloProtect solution includes the Identicom device, inclusive billing, 24/7/365 manned monitoring, SIM card, mobile network usage, device training and monthly reporting”.