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MilliporeSigma Leaders Honored in BIG™ 2023 Sustainability Awards


Two prominent figures from MilliporeSigma, the Life Science division of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, operating in the U.S. and Canada, have been recognized for their commitment to sustainable business operations. They were chosen as winners in the 2023 Sustainability Awards program organized by the Business Intelligence Group (BIG™). This program celebrates individuals, teams, and organizations that have successfully integrated sustainability into their business model or mission. 

Jeffrey Whitford, who serves as the Vice President of Sustainability and Social Business Innovation, was awarded the title of Sustainability Hero of the Year. Jeffrey and his team are tasked with creating and executing strategic initiatives in areas such as green chemistry, product sustainability, product recycling, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility. His dedication to minimizing MilliporeSigma’s environmental footprint and assisting customers in making eco-friendly choices earned him this accolade. 

Chris Famolare, the Head of Sustainable Operations, was honored as the Sustainability Champion of the Year. He collaborates with a worldwide team to devise strategies, systems, and procedures for enhancing greenhouse gas (GHG), energy, water, and waste management across Merck KGaA’s 66 manufacturing sites and 130 distribution facilities around the globe. Among his numerous initiatives is EDISON, which focuses on energy consumption and water efficiency with a goal to cut MilliporeSigma’s GHG emissions by half by 2030 relative to 2020 levels. 

Maria Jimenez, the chief nominations officer at Business Intelligence Group, expressed her pride in acknowledging Jeffrey and Chris for their work in sustainability. The judging panel was convinced that their vision and strategy would continue to contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable planet. 

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