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Maximize Savings: Duke Energy's Home Energy Improvement Rebates in Florida!


Duke Energy in Florida is encouraging customers who plan to upgrade their homes to take advantage of the Home Energy Improvement rebates program, offering up to $1,700 in rebate incentives. Melissa Seixas, Duke Energy Florida's state president, emphasized the importance of reaching out to their team before making improvements to HVAC systems, windows, ducts, and attic insulation to maximize savings and energy efficiency while boosting home value.
Under this program, residential customers who haven't had a Home Energy Check in the last two years can complete a free assessment online. They'll receive a detailed report on past and current energy usage along with expert recommendations for efficiency improvements.
After completing the assessment, customers may qualify for various incentives based on their home type. For single-family homes, incentives include up to $800 for attic insulation upgrades, 50% of duct test costs plus up to $200 for duct repairs per system, up to $300 for high-efficiency HVAC replacements, and up to $400 for energy-efficient windows. Manufactured homes and multifamily properties can qualify for $150 in rebate incentives for HVAC replacements.
To start the assessment, customers can visit duke-energy.com/HEC.
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