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Mars Reports Its ‘Principles in Action’


Mars provides its report of CSR commitments and the work done in the same line for the year of 2015.

Mars Reports Its ‘Principles in Action’
Dailycsr.com – 16 August 2016 – Mars’ CSR commitments range from “environmental sustainability to women's empowerment and conscientious marketing”, whereby its “annual Principles in Action Summary report” highlights its aim of creating a better future through “sustainable operations and healthier products”.
The report outlines Mars’ achievement in the field of “sustainability, health and wellbeing, food safety, responsible marketing, and workplace engagement”. It has been the fifth consecutive year that Mars’ name has appeared on the top twenty five list of "World's Best Multinational Workplaces", while in Asia and Europe made Mars one of the best workplaces to work in.
The company dealt with its “global development curriculum” in association with Mars University, whereby associated were exposed to “500,000 hours of training” that help them improve their skill, widen their experience field and sharpen their “leadership competencies”.
In the year of 2015, Mars delivered over ninety nine percent of its “chocolate and confectionery products” under “250 kcal” level. Moreover, it also took into consideration the advice from the health experts to curb the added sugar intake to ten percent of total daily calories intakes.
Furthermore, Mars acted on its “GDA labelling” commitment by ninety nine percent in its “chocolate, confectionery, and food products”, whereby it came up with “Food Nutrition Criteria” that directs that food sector of Mars’ in developing healthier products.
In an attempt to promote “pre-competitive research and training” Mars started “a Global Food Safety Center in China” in the year of 2015 besides pioneering “global research in food safety” and in the process partnered with multiple “food industry, academia, NGOs, and government agencies”.
Moreover, Mars Inc. also informs that:
“The company reduced greenhouse gas emissions from its operations by 25 percent from a 2007 baseline. It sent zero waste to landfill at all 126 of its manufacturing sits globally. Its Mesquite Creek wind farm in Texas began generating the equivalent of 100 percent of the electricity required to power Mars' operations in the United States in 2015”.
In the words of the Chief Sustainability cum the Health and Wellbeing Officer, Barry Parkin:
 “Our Associates are engaged in the work we are doing, and we’re proud that, as of the end of 2015, we achieved a 25 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from our operations and generated zero waste to landfill from all of our factories around the world. But we also missed the target in some critical areas—such as sustainable packaging improvements—so there’s plenty more to be done. Over the next five years—and beyond—we will continue to bring our Five Principles to life across our entire supply chain, from farm to consumer.”
Mars’ Chief Executive Officer as well as the President, Grant Reid, added:
“While we celebrate our progress and the efforts of Mars Associates all over the world, we’re also keenly aware that big challenges remain. I’m confident that we are making a positive impact and creating growth that we can be proud of by delivering on our Five Principles of Quality, Responsibility, Efficiency, Mutuality and Freedom. I’m also certain that if business, government, non-governmental organizations and society work together, we can secure a great future for generations to come.”