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Making Them Believe That ‘They Can Reach The Highest Level Of Achievement’


African-male excels in education through STEM tuition programme.

Dailycsr.com – 26 February 2018 – Until Torieaun Hilbert, a youngster met with Doris Robinson, the former’s life revolted around only sports. Hilbert is a high school student doing his majors in criminology. Moreover, he is also a football player of La Verne University, as in his high school beginning “academics was not a priority”. In his words:
“I grew up in foster care. I didn't have anyone who could explain to me how important education actually is.”
During his freshmen period, he attended Long Beach’s David Starr Jordan High School and his grandmother got him to join the “Long Beach Math Collaborative”, which is a partnership programme of “California State University, Long Beach and the Long Beach Unified School District”.
The said programme offers “quality” STEM education for “preparatory coursework” of college as well as paving way to “college for African-American males from North Long Beach”. Hilbert was brought close to Robinson, the Executive Director of the “Long Beach Math Collaborative”, through this STEM education programme.
Robinson turned a mentor to Hilbert and “him raise his GPA to 3.8”, following which the high school student graduated “with the most scholarships in his senior class”. Hilbert added:
“My journey in high school started with this program. Education is the ticket, especially for African-American youth.”
In Robinson’s words:
“Our focus is on STEM, specifically math. If you master math, you can master any of the sciences.”
The “Schott Foundation for Public Education” reported that the graduation percentage of white males attending high school if 80% and for the black males it is as low as 59%.
The “Long Beach Math Collaborative” programme was started in the year of 2011 and the Edison International provide its support to the programme with a total grant of “$325,000” since its foundation took place. Recently, in Compton, during the “SCE’s recent Black History Month celebration”, the collaborative programme was a recipient of the “community partnership award”. While, SCE’s the Principal Manager of “Corporate Philanthropy”, Lisa Woon, said:
“There are needs and gaps in many of the communities we serve. We invest in programs like the Long Beach Math Collaborative because our community partners are best equipped to make a positive, direct impact in the community, which takes time, dedication and resources. 
“We recognize that building a better tomorrow and powering the new energy future depends on supporting programs that prepare students, especially from underserved communities, to excel in STEM fields”.
Hilbert, not only improved is academic talents but also made friends at the programme as the “after-school” tuition sessions allowed him to be in the presence of “like-minded students striving for a better future”. With the “highest standards and expectations” in mind for the students, Robinson stated:
“They have to believe they can reach the highest level of achievement”.