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Joyce’s Social Contribution Earns Timberland Earthkeeper’s Spotlight Title


Timberland recognises its employees’ work who contribute in making a better world through their social work.

Source: commons.wikimedia.org; (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Source: commons.wikimedia.org; (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Dailycsr.com – 04 March 2019 – Timberland believes to be Earthkeepers who live daily with a “purpose in mind” of stepping outside, working together and creating a better place. At Timberland, appreciating the people, who go “above and beyond” to make the company’s “products better” along with strengthening the communities around and spreading greenery across cities, is a necessary measure.
Joyce Chan is Timberland’s “Regional Merchandising Manager in Hong Kong”, who lives an Earthkeeper’s life both in her professional as well as in her personal sides. She supports her community through her “inspirational work”, for which she has earned the title of Timberland’s “Earthkeeper Spotlight” for February.
Joyce was “born in Hong Kong and raised in Ajax, east of Toronto, Canada”. After completing her university, Joyce came to London for further studies while her dream was to establish herself in the fashion industry. In London, she met with a mentor who taught her “live life with purpose”. Upon her return to Hong Kong, Joyce “joined the Timberland team”. And she recounts:
“Having such exposure to the world and a great mentor, increased my awareness of the world and my drive to create opportunities for future generations and the less fortunate youth in Hong Kong”.
A big part of Joyce’s childhood included nature and “outdoor activities”. She saw her father, “a dragon boat coach”, paddling outside daily and encouraging “his friends suffering from illness or personal issues to step outside of their problems” to join him. Unfortunately, in 2015, Joyce’s father passed away. Following his demise, many of his friends approached Joyce and talked about their experience of “joining the dragon boat team” had “changed their lives”.
Her father has been an inspiration for Joyce to look beyond “personal life” to “appreciate nature, and live life with purpose”. She explained further:
“I wanted to turn the grief of his passing into action and continue his legacy. I am doing this now by investing my time in other people’s lives who are in need. Because of Timberland, I can live out my purpose and continue my father’s legacy by stepping outside and helping others”.
Talking about living Timberland’s values, Joyce added:
“I want to encourage those around me to serve our communities and make a difference. I live Timberland’s purpose every day in my personal life, which has become a guide and a life motto for me. It is my goal to help the youth in Hong Kong who suffer in their personal lives with behavioral and emotional struggles due to lacking family stability. My team and I work closely with the Hong Kong Student Aid Society (HKSAS), helping children and their families who are in need. Each time we serve and help these children it becomes more and more rewarding”.