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Is There A Data Gap Breaching Business Value?


CSR leaders needs to leave out many information when presenting before senior management due to time constraints.

Dailycsr.com – 27 November 2019 – Data lovers cannot satisfy themselves even with “too many metrics”. Therefore, it is evident that no matter in which sequence you get to arrange your number, we are stuck with twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and twelve months a year.
CSR leaders face time constraints while presenting their information with corporate senior executive, which means the formers’ output has a limitation. As a result, mostly “only the vital few metrics” which point towards “strategy performance” as well as gives a picture of the benefit of the work done towards the “society and business goals” comes in the light.
With this, CSR leaders need to “make tough choices” as to what to mention and what to leave out. Over the years, after conducting numerous conversations on the topic CECP finds a common priority area which comes from “senior management teams”. The matter is to find “what’s the ROI for the business”.
In the words of Data Insights’ Senior Director, Carmen Perez:
“Academic proof of various types of business value driven by CSR, social efforts, sustainability, and studies on specific components of each have been available for quite some time”.
But the question remains as to:
“What is the gap that makes the existing proof of value miss the mark with senior management?”, questions Parez.
Learn about Perez’s take on the same: