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Hispanic Association Corporate Responsibility opens 2023 survey


The Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) has announced the start of the 2023 Corporate Inclusion Index(TM) (CII) survey. The survey will be open from today until March 31. The Hispanic American Community Relations Council's annual corporate accountability survey provides corporate executives with a tool for measuring Hispanic inclusion in employment, procurement, governance, and philanthropy. Last year, the majority of participants were Fortune 500 companies from a wide range of industries, including commercial banks, diversified financials, financial data services, food, consumer products, beverages, insurance, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and healthcare, including insurance and managed care; medical products, and equipment.

Corporations can participate in the survey for free. The findings will be analyzed for a report to be released in early October, during Hispanic Heritage Month. Despite the fact that the results are aggregated and anonymized, companies that excel in any of the four pillar areas will be awarded the HACR CII 5-Star Rating during the HACR 31st Annual Symposium: The Power of Hispanic InclusionTM in New York City on October 9-11.

"The HACR Corporate Inclusion Index™ is the perfect measurement tool for prescient corporate leaders who are ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding, including, and serving the growing Hispanic community through equitable corporate practices and investments,” said Sylvia Pérez Cash, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of HACR.

“United States demographic trends make Hispanic inclusion a business imperative, and the first step towards sustainable change is understanding how your company measures up,” said Cid Wilson, President and CEO of HACR. “The CII helps companies transform good intentions into actionable steps.”

Since 2009, the annual survey has been the source for comprehensive reporting and measurement of Hispanic inclusion. It is one of the most widely read corporate accountability surveys in the Hispanic community. The 2022 HACR CII report examined Hispanic inclusion practices at companies as they rebalanced following the volatility of a global pandemic and renewed interest in social justice over the previous two years. This year's survey gives returning participants the opportunity to assess progress and identify areas for greater Hispanic inclusion. New participants are encouraged to use the results of their survey to establish a starting point for their Hispanic inclusion journey.

The survey is open to all businesses and provides newcomers with a baseline assessment as well as an opportunity to demonstrate commitment to the Hispanic community.

Corporations interested in learning more should send an email to research@hacr.org  or visit www.hacr.org/cii.