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Heineken Moves Steadily Towards Its 2020 Carbon Neutral Goal


Heineken breweries have distinct targets to fulfil before realising the ultimate goal.

Dailycsr.com – 22 June 2017 – Amid the uncertain government scenario in regards to the “Paris Climate Agreement” commitments, Heineken, a “Dutch beer brewer”, among like-minded companies, is carrying out their task towards reducing “its carbon emissions”.
By the year of 2020, Heineken intents on reducing its “carbon emission” by forty percent throughout its “global business operations” that run in more than seventy different countries. In an attempt to fulfil its goal, Heineken put forth various targets, namely:
• “decreasing emissions in production by 40 percent
• “decreasing emissions from its refrigerators by 50 percent
• “decreasing emissions from distribution in Europe and the Americas by 20 percent”
There has been steady progress on Heineken’s “2020 goals”, as it brought down five percent of its emissions in its production sector by the year of 2015, even though the company’s production volume jumped by fifty two percent in comparison to 2008. While, in the year of 2016, Heineken emissions saw a reduction of 37% from its 2008’s respective figure.
In fact, in the year of 2014, Heineken’s “carbon footprint” came down by 6.3%, while in Europe alone, including “Russia and Belarus”, there was a drop of 3.8% compared to 2015. In Gina-Marie Cheeseman’s words:
“Part of reducing carbon emissions is reducing energy use, and Heineken has also been busy reducing its energy use. In 2016, it decreased thermal energy use in production by 2.7 percent compared to 2015. Its electricity use in production was 0.4 percent less in 2016 than in 2015”.
The “use of renewable energy” added in the further reduction of “carbon emissions”, as Heineken has installed “rooftop solar arrays” in large five “European breweries” along with its Singapore based “Tiger brewery”. All the six units provide a combined solar power worth “9.3 MW”. While Cheeseman also added:
“One of the five European breweries with a solar array is Massafra Brewery which installed 13,000 solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on its roof since 2012. In November 2016, Solar Plaza ranked the brewer as the number one solar brewery in the world. The PV panel array is the largest one on any brewery in the world and has a capacity of 3.3 megawatts (MW). It can produce 4.42 gigawatt hours (GWh) of energy a year and reduces annual carbon emissions by over 1,700 tons. It can meet up to 18 percent of the brewery’s electricity needs”.
Heineken also installed solar panel on the rooftops of its Netherlands based “eight distribution” centres, whereby the total installation area equals to the “size of Edinburgh Castle” providing totally space for “12,000 PV panels” which annually generates energy that can run around eight hundred homes.
Moreover, Heineken has also turned to the use of wind power, as its “Barre Polder wind farm” of Netherlands suffices forty percent of “Zoeterwoude brewery’s electricity needs”. However, the “ultimate goal” of Heineken at Zoeterwoude is to make it “carbon neutral by 2020”.