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Griffith Foods Inspires Future Leaders in Industrial Biochemistry: A Day of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange


Griffith Foods Inspires Future Leaders in Industrial Biochemistry: A Day of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange
We were thrilled to welcome a group of students from the Master's program in Industrial Engineering Biochemistry at the University of Antwerp to Griffith Foods in Herentals!
During their visit, the students immersed themselves in the realm of Food Innovation. Exploring our R&D developments, Quality Management, and strategies for continuous improvement in our production environment, the day was brimming with inspiration and knowledge exchange.
The interaction between our team and these enthusiastic students stood out as a highlight, fostering lively discussions, idea sharing, and mutual experiences. We take pride in contributing to their learning journey and eagerly look forward to their future contributions to the fields of biochemistry and, of course, the food industry!
Special thanks to Hilde Wynen, Charlotte V., Nathalie Bernaert, Tim Van Roy, VĂ©ronique Vereecken, and Fevia, the federation of the Belgian food industry & Alimento Group, for facilitating this connection.
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