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Four New Flavours Of Tetley To Provide Health Benefits With Taste Factors


Making the world a healthier place, the herbal tea range of Tetley green teas introduces four new flavours.

Dailycsr.com – 01 October 2015 – The Company of Tata has rejoiced a successful launch of “Tetley Super Green Teas”. Encouraged by this turn of events, the company will now be introducing “four new products to market”. The new range of green teas will appear in fruit flavours that will also fall in “herbal arena”. The super fruit range includes “fruit and herbal drinks” that has added vitamins in them. In the words of Andrew Pearl, who is the director of “customer and shopper marketing”:
“With more than a quarter of fruit and herbal drinks bought for health reasons there is a strong market opportunity for these new products”.
The development of new products plays a significant part in increasing the value sales of herbal and fruit teas, whereby the growth rates have shown an annual increment pattern “10.4 percent”. Moreover, Tetley, holds the place of “the second largest brand in green teas” due to its performance along with the increment in the sales which has risen by 17.3 percent as per the “12 w/e data to 20/06/15”.
The new range of Tetley products will include:
“Tetley Super Fruits Immune, with added vitamin C in Lemon and Ginger, and Peach and Orange flavours and Tetley Super Fruits Boost with added vitamin B6 in Cranberry and Elderberry, and Blueberry and Raspberry flavours”.
According to the claimed health benefits of these drinks, the “Vitamin C” becomes a strength provider for immune system, while “Vitamin B6” is to help in “tiredness and fatigue’” reduction. Moreover, “European Food Standards Agency” has approved the four flavours of Tetley Super Fruits, whereby a serving of “225ml” of “Tetley Super Fruits Boost” can deliver “17.6 percent of NRV for vitamin C”.  The senior brand manager, Alex Snowden, working for “green teas and innovation” said:
“These new product developments are all about driving the category forward.  We know that our most recent product launches have brought new consumers to the category and have the highest repeat rates of any NPD in the category”.
Tetley do not add any nature identical flavour like its peers. In fact, the “fruit and herbal drinks” developed under the brand use “premium natural flavours” which adds to the “superior taste” and brings high scores in the “taste tests”. In Andrew Pearl’s words:
“This is a significant development for the tea category. The category has been crying out for some new ideas and these products are bang on trend.  The unique functional aspect of the teas gives shoppers a reason to buy and the taste will secure repeat purchase which in turn will drive growth in the category.”