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Forest City Earns The Department Of Energy’s Recognition For ‘Interior Lighting Campaign’


Forest City’s work to reduce energy consumption in buildings’ interior lighting system has been recognised.

Dailycsr.com – 24 June 2016 – The Department of Energy recently awarded its recognition to the “Forest City Realty Trust, Inc.”, which formed a part of the “the Better Building Alliance’s Interior Lighting Campaign”.
The said recognition is a testimony to Forest City’s “energy conservation” efforts which has received the support of the Department of Energy’s partnership. After entering into the Better Building Alliance’s Interior Lighting Campaign initiative, Forest City mainly took up the “ownership, development, management and acquisition of commercial and residential real estate” the important markets of the U.S.
The Integrative Design Services’ Vice President at Forest City, Joyce Mihalik, stated:
“The Better Buildings Challenge provides the opportunity to improve our building design, maintenance practices and energy management by tapping into their expertise. It further extends our ability to utilize their knowledge and tracking programs to augment our own.”
President Barack Obama had launched the Better Building Challenge for increasing “American energy productivity” by the year of 2030, which was designed to motivate “corporate and public sector leaders” to save energy “through commitments and investments”. In Mihalik’s words:
“Being a Better Buildings Challenge partner allows us to capture training value and keep us on target with goals. If we set goals similar to others in the building industry, then we know we are maintaining competitiveness in the real estate market.”
One case study shows the work done by Forest City as a participant of the campaign, wherein it mentions that Forest City “upgraded to LED lighting at apartment communities in Maryland, Michigan, Illinois and Ohio” besides other such endeavours.