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Fit Note Training Should Be Mandatory Finds Out I.O.S.H Research


GP training event need to make fit note training sessions compulsory claims the I.O.S.H research.

Dailycsr.com – 27 August 2015 – The I.O.S.H or the “Institution of Occupational Safety and Health” sponsored a study which employed workers and GPs, recruited patients besides collecting nine hundred and thirty two “anonymised copies” that constitute the “current fit notes” research case studies. The “MED3 sick note” that was started on 2010 was replaced by this study’s result, whereby the participants filling up questionnaires gave their opinions on the “outcome and usefulness of the system”.
Moreover, individuals who represented the “range of main stakeholder groups” arrived at an agreement with the researchers, whereby the former will agree to put in practice the best of “fit note use” which will amount to “a total of 67 recommendations”. The said recommendations will be streamlined under five categories, which are:
“...general format and application, management, completion, communication and training”.
The fit note recommendations include the following key issues:
  • As per the possibility available, GPs needs to clearly state the duration, whereby the “recommended modifications” of the fit notes will take place.
  • Moreover, the comment sections of the notes that goes under “not fit” and “may be fit” must be completed by GPs.
  • In case any patients face work related health issues, be it “partially or fully”, it would be GPs’ responsibility to mention the same on the fit note, although “with patient’s consent”.
  • The non-specific advices such as the terms like “light duties” will need to be more precise on work adjustment advise.
  • The GP will be under a two weeks schedule to provide reports requested by any employer or its “occupational health provider”. The time will start ticking from the date of the request made.
  • The official “GP training events” to incorporate the GP fit note training sessions.
  • The fit note training sessions held by GP to be made “mandatory”.
  • The workforces should be informed about the management of fit note by various organisations. It is the responsibility of the respective employers.
School of Health Sciences’s senior research-fellow, Dr Carol Coole states:
“Our recommendations suggest that there should be better education and training in fit note use, as well as tighter management of the process and communication between surgeries, patients and employers”.