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Finding The Roots Of Food To Nature


The annual report of Wessanen showcases the company’s commitments till 2025 in an attempt to establish a link with “natural principles”.

Dailycsr.com – 18 April 2018 – Wessanen is one of the “leading companies” of Europe that deals in “healthy and sustainable food”, whereby it has revealed the “Integrated Annual Report”, declaring three of “eight commitments” of attaining ‘zero waste’, “carbon neutral” as well as “90% organic” by 2025.
In 2017, Wessanen has drawn a “clear roadmap” along with clearly defining its commitments till the year of 2025 with the purpose of “connecting to nature” which resides at the core of company strategy. These steps mark the company’s sustainability approach besides defining its manner of conducting business.
When it comes to the food companies in the corporate, we often see a severed link with nature, although this link is a “fundamental” one for human beings. In the words of the chief executive officer, Christophe Barnouin:
“As we look at the challenges of the food market today among which a global obesity epidemic, enormous sustainability challenges and social imbalance in the value chain, the key questions are ‘what has gone wrong’ and ‘how are we going to change things’?”
Wessanen has chosen to “follow natural principles”, the company’s “sustainability strategy” consists of “four key pillars” and each of them branch out to “two commitments”. Here are the four categories and their sub ramifications, as mentioned by Ethical Performance:
Provide healthy food as intended by nature
  • By 2025, 90% of our sales will be organic products
  • Our portfolio will remain mainly (>95%) composed of vegetarian products
Be as resource efficient as nature
  • By 2025 we will be carbon-neutral and have reduced significantly our carbon emissions.
  • By 2025 we will submit ZERO waste to landfill and incineration and will have reduced our physical waste
Be a diverse and agile community
  • By end 2022 we will have gender balance across our senior management level
  • By end 2022 we will have increased our internal mobility, meaning that at least 50% of jobs will be fulfilled by internal recruits
Cooperate with our ecosystem
  • By 2025 we will have built sustainable supply chains from farm to customers for our top 4 organic raw materials (oat, almond, tea and cocoa)
  • We will have increased the sales of fair trade certified products for southern countries raw materials
Furthermore, the Ethical Performance also reported about Wessanen’s “further steps towards becoming a greener company”, whereby adding:
“Next to joining the UN Global Compact, the French business Bjorg Bonneterre et Compagnie has been certified B Corp, a certification that pushes businesses towards a new standard in sustainability. Wessanen is now preparing the roll out across all businesses”.
The full report can be availed at: