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FedEx Presents Its Eighth ‘Global Citizenship Report’


“Deliver It Forward” by FedEx gives detailed information about the company’s performance on various fronts in its citizenship commitments.

FedEx Presents Its Eighth ‘Global Citizenship Report’
Dailycsr.com – 19 April 2016 – The Company of FedEx publishes its “Global Citizenship Report” for the year of 2016 under the title of “Deliver It Forward”. The same can now be availed at the website address given below:
It is the eighth report in this series of annual publication, wherein it emphasizes on the commitments of FedEx towards “connecting the world responsibly and resourcefully”. Moreover, the same also gives an idea of the goals set ahead by the company and monitors progresses made across “three aspects of citizenship: economy, environment and people”.
The highlights have been mentioned under the above-mentioned categories.
At present, FedEx is the connecting thread between over ninety percent of the world’s GDP, whereby the company stands in a unique place for delivering “positive impact” throughout the world besides “empowering individuals, communities and businesses large and small”. Below is an over of this section as mentioned by the Ethicalperformance:
  • Spent $6.7 billion with diverse, minority, women-owned and other small business suppliers.
  • Invested more than $53 million in community programs, collaborating with NGOs and nonprofits to support disaster relief and resilience, job opportunities for underserved youth, entrepreneurship and safer, more sustainable communities.
  • Committed to invest $200 million in 200+ communities by 2020 by expanding FedEx Cares programs.
  • Hosted 50 training events and supported 8,400 participants to help small business owners expand globally through the FedEx® Small Business Center and FedEx Know and Grow program.
FedEx has launched several programmes like the EarthSmart and “FedEx Fuel Sense” to empower its team members, besides it has actively brought in an upgrade in its “air and ground fleets” by introducing “jet biofuel”. Likewise, FedEx has invested in “leading” innovative solutions to “reduce its environmental impact”. The said section covers:
  • “Surpassed, five years early, the FedEx Express goal to increase vehicle fuel efficiency by 30 percent by 2020.
  • “Acted on its commitment to obtain 30 percent of jet fuel from alternative sources by 2030, signing an agreement with Red Rock Biofuels to purchase alternative jet fuel made from wood waste starting in 2017.
  • “Saved almost 120 million gallons of jet fuel through operational efficiencies and fleet upgrades, avoiding almost 1.15 million metric tons of CO2e emissions. Since 2007, FedEx Fuel Sense alone has saved more than $1 billion worth of jet fuel.
  • “Increased rail usage at FedEx Freight by 10.4 percent, saving more than 20 million gallons of diesel and avoiding more than 207,000 metric tons of CO2e emissions.
  • “Installed lighting upgrades at 244 facilities, saving more than 203 million kWh of energy over the year and avoiding more than 140,000 metric tons of CO2e emissions.
  • “Brought five new on-site solar energy systems online, bringing the total to 15, and increasing on-site energy generation capacity by 5.5 MW”.
The team members of FedEx daily become a connective medium between its customers and the worldwide communities at large. The company maintains a “diverse” and “safety-first culture” and continues to support its members in order to provide them with the opportunities to develop and to “deliver exceptional service”. The work done under this section, by FedEx is:
  • “Improved cross-operating company Lost Time Injury Rate by 4 percent while reducing the Preventable Recordable Vehicle Accident Rate by almost 6 percent - progress driven by the FedEx Safety Above All culture.
  • “Globally, 22 percent of managers are women, an 8 percent increase from FY14.
  • “Supported 15,822 team members who volunteered 69,065 hours in more than 500 cities during FedEx Cares Week.
  • “Reached a cumulative total of more than 13 million children in 10 countries through a 16-year collaboration with Safe Kids, providing safety training, education programs and safety upgrades to school zones.
  • “Delivered over 6 million doses of medicine as well as hospital tents, wheelchairs and birthing centers to aid victims of the Nepal earthquake through Direct Relief”.
The said report follows the reference of “Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) G4 framework”.