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Empowering Youth with the 'Been There' Program: KeyBank's Grant for Positive Change


KeyBank has just provided a $10,000 grant to the Salem Kroc Center. This funding is intended for the support of the "Been There" program, a dynamic seven-week interactive course. The program is aimed at empowering young individuals to transform their mindset and actions, facilitating positive changes that steer them towards achieving their aspirations.
The course, along with the accompanying book titled "Been There, From Stuck to Unstoppable," has been created by Bonnie Milletto, a well-known motivational speaker, author, and empowerment specialist. Drawing inspiration from her personal life experiences, Milletto shares her compelling journey of triumphing over challenges.
“The underlying theme is that when we change our beliefs about our self, our past and our present, we set the wheels in motion to change our lives,” said Josh Lyons, KeyBank’s market president for Oregon and S.W. Washington and commercial banking leader.
“The power of positive self-talk and self-belief is truly what makes you unstoppable, no matter your life experiences up until now. We at Key know that helping youth realize their full potential is critical to their success and instrumental in building and maintaining a vibrant economy. We are honored to help support this initiative.” 
“We are excited that KeyBank’s values align with our own when it comes to helping youth,” said Tony Frazier, Kroc Center Director.
“Strong community partnerships like this help to make a significant impact on the lives of young people we serve. Together, we help the next generation discover their value and make contributions that effectively engage in community and strengthen our local economy. We are truly thankful for this new partnership.”