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Empowering Young Learners: Raspberry Pi & Cisco Transform Coding Education Worldwide


Empowering Young Learners: Raspberry Pi & Cisco Transform Coding Education Worldwide
On this International Day of Education, dedicated to advocating for educational reforms and ensuring access to education for all, Cisco proudly shines a light on its non-profit partners in the education sector. These organizations are dedicated to transforming the lives of students and educators worldwide through innovative programs, tools, and platforms. This year's theme, "learning for lasting peace," highlights the critical role of education as a basic human right essential for sustainable development and progress.

“As we celebrate International Day of Education, let’s focus on what students need to succeed in the future. It is clear that Computer Science (CS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are not only the most engaging subjects for students, they are critical for the future workforce. Every school should be offering students exposure to CS and AI education by next year.” - Cameron Wilson, President of Code.org

Code.org is a non-profit organization committed to the belief that every student, regardless of their background, should have the opportunity to learn computer science from kindergarten through 12th grade. They strive to broaden access to computer science education in schools, with a particular emphasis on increasing the involvement of young women and students from marginalized communities.
In their initial decade, Code.org spearheaded a global movement to promote the teaching and learning of computer science. This effort resulted in nearly 100 million students being enrolled on their platform and influenced policy changes in 50 U.S. states and 70 countries. With the rise of artificial intelligence reshaping both the job market and education landscape, Code.org is now focused on propelling the next era of innovation by introducing AI and computer science to over one billion students worldwide.
Through its partnership with Cisco, Code.org has successfully brought its computer science curriculum to millions of students, particularly those from underserved and underrepresented backgrounds. This collaboration has involved expanding language options, developing technology to seamlessly integrate their platform with the IT infrastructure used in educational systems, and ensuring offline access to their courses for students in classrooms with limited or no internet connectivity.

“International Day of Education is an important opportunity to celebrate the progress and promise of education technology, but we must recognize that the benefits of technology remain elusive for the students who need them the most. The digital divide in education not only intensifies global inequalities in education but also impedes global economic development – and we can only overcome it by investing in solutions that are effective in low-resource settings. Our commitment to do so stems from the belief that education can and should serve as a catalyst for equality and prosperity globally.” - Abdulhamid Hadir, Founder, CEO Darsel

Darsel, a nonprofit organization based in the United States and classified as a 501c3, is dedicated to enhancing math education outcomes in low- and middle-income nations through innovative educational technology solutions that bridge the digital gap. At the heart of the nonprofit's initiatives is a complimentary chatbot designed to enable students to practice and grasp math concepts via simple, low-bandwidth channels such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. This chatbot, utilized by over 100,000 students, merges artificial intelligence with curriculum-aligned content to offer an engaging and personalized learning journey.
Collaborating closely with public school systems and math educators, Darsel strives to engage and inspire students effectively. While aiming to reach a large number of disadvantaged students, the organization encountered a bottleneck due to the need for manual support for teachers.
In 2022, Cisco initiated a partnership with Darsel to tackle this issue. Through a Global Impact Grant, Darsel was empowered to develop a teacher platform that streamlined and automated various tasks related to data analytics and classroom management. The successful launch of this platform in 2023 significantly enhanced Darsel's program scalability in Jordan, catalyzing its expansion from fewer than 100 schools to over 2000.
Currently, Cisco and Darsel are collaborating to replicate this success in other nations, including Nigeria and India, where pilot programs involving 100 schools are underway. Darsel's overarching objective is to substantially enhance learning outcomes for 100 million students by the year 2030.
Science Buddies serves a vast community of over 20 million students, parents, and educators by providing resources rooted in the latest scientific research on effective science education. Our approach is highly personalized, empowering students to forge individualized learning paths through user-friendly tools offering science and engineering projects, frameworks, and guidance. By emphasizing real-world, hands-on explorations, we not only foster optimal science learning but also render the subject matter relevant to students, thereby enhancing academic performance and cultivating a genuine interest in science. We are committed to making science literacy accessible to all.
Generous support from the Cisco Foundation has enabled Science Buddies to pioneer innovative programs, content, and tools that enhance accessibility to hands-on STEM learning for students and teachers globally. Through these initiatives, we have facilitated millions of students in experiencing the excitement of scientific discovery while honing critical skills for future success. On this International Day of Education, we eagerly anticipate our ongoing efforts to equip students worldwide with the skills and knowledge necessary to become informed and engaged members of society.
Raspberry Pi Foundation
“Young people are growing up in a world where every aspect of life is shaped by increasingly powerful digital technologies. We need to ensure that all young people have opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge to participate in and shape their world. Through our programs and platforms like Code Club World and the Code Editor, at the Raspberry Pi Foundation we are delivering technology-based solutions which enable any young person, anywhere, to access high-quality computing education. Together with partners like the Cisco Foundation, we can enable any young person to learn in a way which is right for them.”  - Phil Howell, Chief Technology and Product Officer, Raspberry Pi Foundation.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation empowers young individuals to unlock their full potential through the transformative capabilities of computing and digital technologies, impacting millions of learners each year. By fostering an environment that encourages exploration, creation, and engagement with digital tools, the Foundation equips young people with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to navigate the world of computing and utilize technology for societal benefit.
In collaboration with Cisco, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has expanded its outreach to young learners embarking on their coding journey. Through Code Club World, a freely accessible platform tailored for learners as young as 9 years old, over 400,000 individuals worldwide have immersed themselves in block-based coding activities. Learning through Code Club World occurs both at home and through an extensive global network of Foundation-supported coding clubs, spanning over 40 countries including India, South Africa, and Kenya.
To facilitate further progression, Cisco is also backing the Foundation's development of a text-based coding tool designed specifically for Python and HTML/CSS. This Code Editor is purpose-built for young learners and is optimized for mobile and tablet usage to enhance accessibility.
Through the joint efforts of Cisco and the Raspberry Pi Foundation, thousands of young individuals will have the opportunity to advance their coding skills regardless of their location or device, opening doors to future opportunities in the digital realm.
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