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Empowering Women in the Workplace: Strategies for Success and Growth


Empowering Women in the Workplace: Strategies for Success and Growth
As part of the Women’s History Month 2024 celebration, Sands is highlighting women who contribute to the company’s achievements and embody its values of professional development and progress. Val Chua, serving as the executive director of communications, has been a pivotal figure at Marina Bay Sands since 2008.
Reflecting on her career journey, Chua traces her roots back to journalism, where she immersed herself in the dynamic newsroom environment of Singapore. During this time, she covered Las Vegas Sands extensively, particularly during the exciting period of 2005-2006 when various global gaming companies vied for the Marina Bay integrated resort project. Chua vividly recalls the engaging public discussions surrounding the integration of gaming into the resort, including memorable experiences like interviewing the late Mr. Adelson and participating in a media trip to Las Vegas aboard the company’s private jet.
In November 2008, Chua made the transition to Marina Bay Sands, joining the communications team as it was being established. Witnessing the rapid transformation of the Marina Bay landscape, particularly the iconic Sands SkyPark, signaled the imminent completion of construction and the beginning of a new chapter for the resort.
Over the years, Chua's role and responsibilities expanded alongside the growth of the communications function. Starting as a manager amidst the Asian financial crisis, she delved into the intricacies of public relations and crisis communications, guided by the company's unwavering commitment to its vision. Chua cherishes the forward-thinking ethos ingrained within the company culture, propelling both the organization and its people toward continuous improvement and innovation.
Despite the swift passage of time, Chua remains invigorated by the dynamic atmosphere at Marina Bay Sands. She acknowledges the invaluable support of her dedicated team, consisting of talented individuals responsible for driving various communications initiatives across the integrated resort. Together, they navigate the fast-paced environment with agility and determination, contributing to the many achievements and milestones witnessed over the past decade.
The communications team also spearheads the Sands Cares community engagement program in Singapore, focusing on identifying vulnerable and underserved communities and extending assistance, whether through financial support or Team Member volunteers.
Balancing the tasks of generating high-profile publicity while actively participating in serving the underprivileged keeps us firmly grounded in our work and overarching mission. It's a demanding and rewarding role within a company brimming with opportunities.
Regarding the development of a successful career, mentors play a significant role. Throughout my journey, I've been fortunate to collaborate with insightful individuals who provided perspectives beyond my immediate understanding, helping me navigate challenges with greater clarity and foresight. They've taught me to prioritize issues effectively and choose my battles wisely.
Time, as the greatest teacher, has also been instrumental. Through experience and reflection, I've gained a deeper understanding of my strengths and weaknesses, as well as the patience and empathy required to lead and inspire teams effectively. Learning is a continuous process, and I strive to evolve constantly.
Different stages of one's career naturally cultivate various skill sets and mindsets. In my youth, efficiency and impact were paramount, driven by tight deadlines and rapid decision-making. However, with maturity, I've learned to deliberate more thoroughly, considering diverse perspectives without compromising on agility, a trait synonymous with Marina Bay Sands' ethos.
Maintaining a healthy sense of humor and resilience is crucial. Embracing levity in challenging situations and having the resilience to persevere through setbacks are essential traits. Laughing first and then strategizing to overcome obstacles has proven effective in navigating complex scenarios.
Belief in the company's greater purpose is also foundational. Despite the challenges faced, pivotal moments, such as witnessing Marina Bay Sands' transformation prior to its public opening, instilled a deep sense of commitment and belief in the organization's vision. Even amidst uncertainty, maintaining faith in the collective endeavor is paramount to overcoming obstacles and achieving success.
The following morning presented a starkly different scene. The air was crisp, the marble floors gleamed, and the staff stood impeccably dressed, poised to welcome the world. It marked the genesis of an icon, evoking a sense of boundless potential within the company. Over the years, this sentiment proved true time and again. Despite the hurdles we faced, Marina Bay Sands consistently defied expectations and accomplished the seemingly impossible. There's an undeniable magic to this place, making it profoundly special for many of us within the company.
Regarding initiatives to enhance workplace support and empowerment for women, I believe adopting a hybrid work structure is crucial. Providing flexibility, such as remote work options, particularly benefits working mothers and helps attract and retain diverse talent. Recognizing and respecting individual work rhythms is also essential. Understanding that each person operates differently and accommodating their unique needs fosters a more inclusive and supportive environment.
For women aspiring to advance in their careers, I offer several pieces of advice. Firstly, identify your core purpose in your work early on and focus on cultivating expertise in that area. Establishing your voice and perspective is also vital. Don't shy away from expressing your ideas and viewpoints, even amongst more experienced colleagues. Strive to be the best version of yourself, continuously pushing your boundaries and capabilities. Lastly, remember to pace yourself for the long journey ahead. Take time for self-care and mental rejuvenation to sustain your momentum and resilience throughout your career.