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Empowering Women in Male-Dominated Industries: Insights from Female Leaders at Crown


With a workforce of 25,000 spread across 195 locations, our organization embraces diversity in roles ranging from engineering and design to quality and safety. We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment that empowers women to thrive in their careers at Crown.
Our ongoing efforts focus on expanding opportunities for women beyond traditional office positions and facilitating their advancement across all areas of our company. Recently, we've concentrated on recruiting more women for technical roles such as mechanics, forklift drivers, quality controllers, and production leaders. It's important to recognize that these positions are open to individuals of any gender who possess the necessary skills for success.
As we commemorate International Women’s Day 2024, under the theme #inspireinclusion, we shine a light on initiatives aimed at supporting women directly involved in our production operations. One notable initiative is the "Women in Industry" development program initiated by our team in Brazil. This program, a social and professional endeavor by Crown, is tailored to equip women in the communities where we operate with valuable technical skills, particularly those relevant to our industrial processes.
“Our aim was to provide development opportunities for women interested in the industrial sector but lacking access. By paving the way for their aspirations, we've seen more women gaining recognition and value in the job market. This year, we plan to expand this project to other regions where our facilities are located,” said Eliane Rigolo, Crown Brazil's HR Director explaining the significance of this initiative.
The program offers comprehensive training comprising 164 hours of content covering various aspects of our can production process. Our objective is to empower women to pursue careers at Crown and prepare them specifically for roles in industrial settings.
Initially piloted in Ponta Grossa, Brazil, the program attracted 315 applicants, from which 20 women were selected to participate. Upon completion, several participants secured positions as mechanics within our facilities, while others remain part of our talent pool, armed with enhanced skills and qualifications to bolster their resumes.
Two success stories emerging from the program are Viviane Pacheco and Francielle dos Santos, who express appreciation for the skill development gained through the training, which has significantly contributed to their professional growth.

Viviane Pacheco, Production Mechanic Apprentice and Women in Industry trainee: “For me, the course experience was very good. This course added…lots of learnings. I always want to do my best, I always want to be able to learn more. Companies should practice more the inclusion of women in the industry.”

“I was thrilled with the program Crown initiated, embracing the inclusion of women in fields such as mechanics and machine operation. The course provided a wealth of practical and theoretical knowledge, enriching both my personal and professional growth,” said Francielle dos Santos, an apprentice in Production Mechanics and a participant in the Women in Industry program, 
In tandem with the program, efforts to bolster women's representation in technical roles across engineering, production, and supply chain have been underway. Collaborating with our teams, we've identified and facilitated new avenues for professional development in these sectors. Notably, we've welcomed a number of female engineers to our ranks, with women constituting two out of every ten new hires across the organization.
Emphasizing the value women bring to teams, Amy Weisel-Gibbs, Sales Operations Manager, said, “Irrespective of gender or background, everyone has the potential to contribute. Women offer unique capabilities that enhance team dynamics and drive progress.”
“The growing number of women in engineering, not just at Signode, is truly inspiring. It's heartening to witness the global recognition of women's contributions in this field,” said Rileigh Swanson, a Mechanical Engineer.
In addition to diversifying technical roles, our focus extends to elevating women into leadership positions traditionally occupied by men. By fostering gender diversity across all levels of the organization, we aim to provide tangible examples of opportunity and achievement for women in the workforce.
Jamie Jarrett, Plant Manager at Signode’s Eden, NC facility, exemplifies this trajectory, having ascended to a leadership role within Crown. She shared insights into her journey and the significance of her position:
Could you share your career journey and how you attained the role of Plant Manager at the Eden facility?
My journey with Signode began in August 2022 as the Operations Manager. Close collaboration with my Senior Project Manager Eric Sprague and Director Dustin Craig paved the way for my promotion to Plant Manager in October 2023. Their support, leadership, and emotional intelligence were instrumental in my growth. During my tenure, I underwent SSGB training facilitated by Lucas Scott and his team, fostering alignment between the executive team and our facility's vision. I've received unwavering guidance and support from our Human Resources department, particularly Teresa Manzanares, who empowers me to tackle challenges, provides solutions, and trusts my judgment.
We've heard about the strong female leadership presence in your facility. Could you tell us more about your team?
I collaborate with a team of skilled, ambitious, and devoted women who strive each day to surpass their previous achievements. This mindset permeates throughout our Eden facility, where we have two female supervisors and an exceptional Operations Coordinator who inspire success in those around them. Their resilience is particularly noteworthy; they rebound from setbacks, extract lessons from failures, and persistently pursue their goals with unwavering determination.
What advice would you give to women aiming to advance in their careers, especially in male-dominated fields?
Maintaining a humble demeanor helps mitigate biases and inequities, fostering trust both within the workplace and with male colleagues.
Are there any female mentors or role models who have influenced your career journey?
Two women from my previous position left a profound impact on me: Angelika Matczak, MBA, our former CEO, urged me to cultivate resilience and adaptability. She provided a clear vision of expectations and demanded excellence, granting me exposure to various facets of the business, thus enhancing my manufacturing acumen. I collaborated with colleagues across production, quality assurance, continuous improvement, and maintenance.
Magdalena Domzalska-Pol, a Human Resource Executive and Servant Leader, fostered a supportive and inclusive culture. She taught me the importance of active listening and delegated authority while encouraging autonomy, empowering me to make confident decisions. Even in the face of mistakes, her response remained encouraging. Both women were driven by a commitment to organizational growth, individual development, and community impact.
Lastly, what significance does International Women's Day hold for you personally?
For me, it signifies recognition based on merit rather than gender, fostering team unity to provide an equitable platform for dialogue. As a mother to a daughter aspiring to become an Air Force pilot, I have faith that her qualifications will be the primary consideration. The evolving global mindset prioritizes the best candidate, gradually eroding outdated biases and stereotypes.
We take pride in the invaluable contributions of these team members and eagerly anticipate the accomplishments of other women pursuing their aspirations at Crown. While celebrating the strides made in gender representation, we acknowledge the ongoing work ahead and remain committed to promoting #inspireinclusion alongside our female colleagues.