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Empowering Women To ‘Empower Community’ To Fight Poverty


Microfinancing helps microentrepreneurs to lead a life free from the shadows of poverty.

Dailycsr.com – 31 March 2018 – Organic India receives “proud” salutes from the “Whole Planet Foundation”, as the former renewed its commitment towards alleviating poverty across the globe besides joining in for the latter’s “annual $50,000 giving level”.
To date, Organic India showed a generosity of “$160,708” which is being used in the forms of nearly “1,800 microloans” for creating “9,220” microentrepreneurs opportunities, while their family members can access a “better life through microcredit”.
The first “loan size” of Whole Planet Foundation is “$182”, wherein no contract or collaterals are given to the microentrepreneurs who wish to develop “home-based” businesses to rid themselves from the clutch of poverty. Even the poorest people in the world have been touched by the impacts of the Whole Planet Foundation, which mostly include women.
Moreover, the Whole Planet Foundation has also published a video which features “Amy Keller, Director of Education and Training”, besides providing reasons for Organic India to support Whole Planet Foundation. In Amy’s words:
“Organic India knows that when you empower women, you empower community.  As an integral part of its company operations, Organic India invests in women through employment opportunities, fair wages, access to healthcare, educational programming and development opportunities”.