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Empowering Individuals for Success: Georgia-Pacific's Unique Approach and Diverse Product Line


We strongly believe that when individuals are empowered to discover and cultivate their inherent talents, it paves the way for ultimate success. Lori B. Chennault, the senior vice president of strategic sourcing and procurement at Georgia-Pacific, will share insights on how we strive to create opportunities based on each person's unique abilities and potential to make meaningful contributions. 

Georgia-Pacific, headquartered in Atlanta, is a prominent manufacturer and marketer of various products such as bath tissue, paper towels and napkins, tableware, paper-based packaging, cellulose, specialty fibers, nonwoven fabrics, building products, and related chemicals. Our well-known consumer brands include Quilted Northern®, Angel Soft®, Brawny®, Dixie®, enMotion®, Sparkle®, and Vanity Fair®.

With a history of supplying building products to lumber and building materials dealers as well as large do-it-yourself warehouse retailers, Georgia-Pacific holds a leading position in the industry. Additionally, through our subsidiary Georgia-Pacific Recycling, we are one of the world's largest traders of paper, metal, and plastics.

Operating over 150 facilities and directly employing more than 30,000 people, we also contribute to the creation of approximately 89,000 jobs indirectly. If you want to learn more, you can click here.