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Employees of Whirlpool Corp celebrates National Disability Independence Day


Employees of Whirlpool Corp celebrate and reflect on the importance of ADA on the occasion of National Disability Independence Day

For those who have disabilities, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides and enforces opportunities, greater accessibility in the workplace and the ability to request accommodations necessary for optimal performance.

AVID members describe what ADA means to them and how AVID is helping to create a more equitable environment for Whirlpool Corp employees

“As a longtime supporter of ADA, it is encouraging to see the progress companies like Whirlpool Corp. towards a more equitable environment, also at to reflect on how we, as an employer and consumer products manufacturer, can promote more opportunities for people with disabilities,” said Graham Forsey, Global Information Systems Manager at Whirlpool Corp.

Whirlpool Corp is committed to creating an accessible and inclusive workplace for all employees through the reasonable accommodation process, where eligible employees can participate in the interactive process to obtain tools or processes that enable them to work effectively.

“As a deaf person, being able to access services like closed captioning or sign language interpretation was critical to my role, especially when working in remote environments. Access to these essential communication tools has enabled me to work more effectively with my team, provide feedback on products, and ultimately create a more successful and meaningful customer experience,” said Patrick Seypura, Information Systems Analyst at Whirlpool Corp.

Resource Group (AVID ERG) at Whirlpool Corp, an organization that creates awareness for disabilities within the company to benefit both employees and consumers. workplace issues; from designing the physical accessibility of products to consumer-centric interfaces so everyone can use our products and services.

“AVID ERG provides employees of Whirlpool Corp. not only provides opportunities for engagement and camaraderie, but also conducts consumer empathy training such as: B. Immersion activities for the disabled. Programming like this is essential to realizing Whirlpool Corp's vision. advancing improving life at home for all people," said Forsey.