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EarthX shares latest tip for plastic free July


EarthX shares latest tip for a plastic free July.

EarthX has come out with a tip for a plastic free July- “Carry and use reusable shopping bags. Reusable bags are not just for groceries, carry them for all of your purchases from clothing to the big-box retailer. They come in many cool colors and designs to fit your personality.”

EarthX’s tip comes at a time when there is growing awareness towards plastic pollution, which is isn’t recyclable and which typically ends up in landfills, adversely affecting the environment, wildlife and people.

Plastic pollution pollutes the land, oceans, rivers, lakes and can take between 50 to 400 plus years for decomposing, depending on the type of plastic.

By reducing the use of plastics, consumers can not only save energy, but also reduce greenhouse gases, and the amount of waste that needs to be recycled, all of which saves a tons of money.
About EarthX
EarthX is an international non-profit environmental organization that is dedicated to educating and inspiring consumers and organizations to take decisive action towards a more sustainable future.

EarthX launched EarthxTV in 2020 to inspire, inform and increase its impact for a more sustainable future.

The EarthxTV app is free for download. The 24x7 channel provides an on-demand library with original shows, award-winning films, as well as global events.

EarthX’s annual live EXPO returned to Dallas in April 2022. Though EXPO, the organisation aims to inspire and energize the global community in ways that help create a sustainable world for all living things.

Its vision is to be the leading global connector and environmental forum to positively impact our planet for a sustainable and conservable future.

By embracing diversity EarthX is dedicated to presenting a balanced approach for people from all walks of life including “students, families, activists, innovators, capitalists, scientists, environmentalists, business people, officials, foundations, farmers, ranchers, researchers and more.”