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Drivers With ‘Physical Disabilities’ Participate In The ‘Historic Race’


‘Legendary faceoff’ demonstrates that with the help of technology, driving experience of the racers will no longer be an alien affair the ones suffering from physical disabilities.

Dailycsr.com – 19 December 2017 – In the month of May 2017, the first ever “semi-autonomous vehicle demonstration race” in the world took place at the “famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway”, wherein the legendary racing figure Mario Andretti, ex-“ Indy Racing League driver” as well as the present co-owner of the “Verizon IndyCar Series team”, Sam Schmidt came face to face.
Schmidt suffers from a paralysis whereby his body’s lower portion below the chest has got affected by it. However, this did not stop the former racing league driver from driving a “Corvette Z06” which was modified by Arrow Electronics. As a result, Schmidt drove the vehicle by using “the motions of his head”, while Andretti gave a similar challenge to Schmidt and took to “Arrow-modified Corvette Stingray”.
The said “legendary faceoff” was a fund raising platform for the “Conquer Paralysis Now” non-profit, which was founded by Schmidt himself and which is dedicated to “spinal cord injury research and treatment”.
The aim of the “SAM Car project” is to provide “mobility” as well as “independence” to the drivers who have “physical disabilities”. By leveraging the strength of technology SAM Car wants enable the experience of driving to these people, while the Ethical Performance reports:
“All of the software and technology that Arrow develops for the car is open to the developer and engineering communities and has promising broader applications for independent living”.