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Diverse and Inclusive Workforce: Crown's Commitment to Positive Change


Diverse and Inclusive Workforce: Crown's Commitment to Positive Change
Our workforce stands as our most valuable asset, and the foundation of our culture and success lies in the diverse qualities, knowledge, and unique talents that each employee contributes to the workplace. We understand the significant impact the physical and mental well-being of our team has on various aspects of business success, including employee retention, innovation, and collaboration.
Committed to fostering a healthy work-life balance and ensuring our employees feel acknowledged and valued, we implemented several initiatives globally in 2022. These initiatives aimed to underscore the importance of self-care and concern for others. Additional efforts to support employee well-being included family days, cook-out events, and health fairs, all designed to express appreciation and enhance engagement.
In Wantage, U.K., our site organized the Company’s inaugural Mental Health & Well-being Day. This event, led by the Mental Health Working Group formed post-COVID-19 lockdowns, covered topics such as healthy eating, weight management, anxiety, depression, and financial wellness. The newly formed team, including Mental Health First Aiders, provides confidential advice and resources for colleagues facing mental health challenges. Year-round activities organized by the team encompass webinars, mental health awareness talks, promotion of the Employee Assistance Program, and compiling mental health resources on our Intranet.
Crown plants in Kankakee, Illinois, and Toledo, Ohio, organized voluntary weight loss competitions to encourage health and well-being. Remarkably, participants from the Toledo facility collectively achieved a 30% reduction in body weight.
Family days at our facilities in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and Martinsville, Virginia, featured diverse activities, including watching Minor League Baseball and partnering with the local NASCAR racetrack, respectively. In Custines, France, a family day centered around fairground attractions also served as an opportunity to educate attendees about metal packaging recycling. A specially designed aluminum can with an augmented reality experience added an element of fun and engagement to the recycling message.

In the Spotlight: Diversity & Inclusion
Crown is dedicated to mirroring the diversity of the communities we serve. Our unwavering commitment lies in cultivating a work environment that is both diverse and inclusive, enabling individuals to unlock their full potential and express their creativity. Over the long term, our employees embody the essence of our culture and aspirations, actively contributing to the construction of our sustainable future. Collaboratively, we strive to make a positive impact on the communities we engage with and expand our employer brand on a global scale. Our pride in early achievements propels us forward as we remain resolute in realizing the objectives set during the establishment of our Twentyby30™ sustainability program.
Our aspirations persist, and we continue to pursue our journey guided by the following objectives:
  • Fostering awareness of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) and implementing best practices
  • Positioning ourselves as the preferred employer
  • Ensuring that D&I remains prominently integrated into our overarching corporate strategy
  • Cultivating positive workplaces where D&I is ingrained as standard practice
  • Throughout the year, we take proactive measures to educate, inform, and support an environment where all employees feel welcome, heard, and empowered to deliver their best work. This involves:
  • Conducting workshops and training sessions across divisions to address unconscious bias, the gender gap, and other pertinent topics through open and safe dialogue
  • Acknowledging and promoting D&I best practices implemented in our facilities
  • Enhancing our recruitment and onboarding processes, including the development of regional strategies to attract and nurture talents among minorities and women
  • Regularly reviewing existing policies, practices, and procedures to identify gaps and issuing new guidance as necessary
  • Advocating for a positive work environment, free from harassment and bullying, across all our locations
  • Establishing D&I Committees within each of the Company's divisions
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