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Dallas Bridges Digital Divide In Education System


Dallas based families receive computer giveaways for middle school students.

Dailycsr.com – 30 August 2020 – TXU Energy, a “flagship retail electricity brand” of Vistra along with Comp-U-Dopt joins hands in partnership with “the City of Dallas” as the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the existing “digital divide” in the system of education. It is to address this deep divide that the above mentioned partners gave away “400 computers”.
Families living in Dallas who have minimum “one middle school student” and had “previously registered through a lottery system” got their devices “contactless drive-thru events”. In the words of the Senior Director of Community Affairs at TXU Energy, Brad Watson:
“The digital divide existed prior to the pandemic, but the uncertainty around the school year has further exacerbated the need for students to have access to technology. As the leading retail electricity provider in the state, TXU Energy takes seriously our responsibility to strengthen the communities we serve. Our hope is that these computers will provide a bridge to more solid learning opportunities for students in the fall.
Comp-U-Dopt sold its refurbished laptops to TXU Energy which comes with “Windows 10 operating system” and two years of tech support as well as “free and low-cost internet options” information. While, the Mayor of Dallas, Eric Johnson said:
“During this time of great need in our city, the efforts of our private partners are critical to bringing equity to our communities. That is why we are thrilled to partner with TXU Energy and Comp-U-Dopt on this program, which will help provide hundreds of students with the technology that they need this school year. We must continue to commit ourselves to giving our children every chance to succeed in light of the challenging circumstances they face.”
And the chief executive officer of Comp-U-Dopt, Megan Steckly added:
“We are excited to be partnering with TXU Energy to ensure students in the community have the tools they need to access distance learning resources. Partnerships like this demonstrate how solvable this issue really is for the community.”