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Community Sponsors Power Project GIFT's Walk for Water Event


To raise awareness about a widespread issue affecting billions of individuals worldwide, Southwire's Project GIFT collaborated with Water Mission to organize a Walk for Water event. The event successfully gathered $38,520 in donations.

According to the Water Mission website, approximately 2.2 billion people globally lack access to safe water. Water Mission, established in 2001, is a non-profit organization dedicated to combating the global water crisis by providing clean and fresh water to those facing challenging circumstances. Southwire facilities in Carrollton, Ga.; Bremen, Ind.; Denton, Texas; Fontana, Calif.; York, Penn.; Canada, and Honduras actively participated in community walks as part of a significant company-wide initiative to support Water Mission.

Among these locations, the Bremen walk achieved the highest fundraising amount, nearing $1,000. The Honduras event witnessed an exceptional turnout for their inaugural year, with over 90 participants.

“For the Honduras team, this event was very important for us to participate in since our country benefits greatly from Water Mission and because so many of our team members are always looking for opportunities to make an impact on their communities,” said Ana Henriquez, people and culture manager.

“At the end of our walk, all of the team members who had participated were proud to have completed the event and were fulfilled to know that they were able to be a part of something that raises awareness for a cause so meaningful to others around the world.”

During the event, attendees embarked on a designated course symbolizing the arduous daily journey undertaken by numerous individuals worldwide to access water. The water collected by participants was subsequently recycled and utilized in Southwire's manufacturing operations.

"The Walk for Water event is an incredible portrayal of the challenges that billions of people around the world face," said Wil Rainey, giving back specialist. “It's been amazing to see how much this event has grown in our community over the past year, and I look forward to seeing its continued growth in the years to come."

The successful implementation of Project GIFT's Walk for Water was made achievable through the kind support of numerous community sponsors, including the University of West Georgia, Times-Georgian, Servpro, New Leaf Marketing, Gradick Communications, Phoenix Wood Products, Heart Wood Products, Tisinger Vance, 3:16 Healthcare, and Associated Credit Union.

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