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‘Cities Unbound Conference’ Takes Global Cultural Approach To Make Cities More Sustainable


People from all corner of the world congregated to ensure sustainable approach on rapid urbanisation.

Dailycsr.com – 29 August 2017 – Diplomats, municipals leaders as well as Private sector’s representatives from all around the world met in London during the “Cities Unbound conference”. The attendees came together to discuss various “cultural approaches” that could be used to overcome any challenges on the way to build the “city of the future”.
The above mentioned event had been organised by “The Economist Event”, while the “International Finance Corporation” has sponsored the same. Now than ever, the population of the world has congregated in the “urban areas”. As a result, cities drive the economic growth, whereby urging for a collaboration between the public and private sector to “make cities more sustainable, inclusive and liveable”.
Furthermore, the meeting looked into the topic of cities being “desirable destinations” for working, investing and living in. However, to develop cities in a sustainable manner funds will have to be “prioritised”, while the local governments will need to play an active part to taking decisions. A panellist of the event, Tomasz Telma, IFC’s director of Central Asia and Europe, said:
“The event has been a great forum for exchanging ideas and experiences and has focused international attention on rapid urbanisation, on ways to counter the negative effects it has on cities and their local communities, and on opportunities it creates for policymakers and business leaders?”
While, Antonio Pasolini added:
“The conference was chaired by the Economist's senior correspondent Josie Delapo, and featured, besides mayors of several cities, Paul Romer, senior VP at the World Bank, and Bernard Sheahan, IFC's director for infrastructure and natural resources”.