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Cisco Operates Through Sustainable Supply Chain


Keeping the reduction of carbon footprint one of the objectives, Cisco considers a more encompassing sustainable approach.

Dailycsr.com – 21 March 2016 – Cisco Systems’ “Director of Value Protection”, Kathleen Shaver informs that looking through the supply chain of Cisco from sustainability point of view, one would notice three clear things:
  • A focus on climate and carbon impacts
  • A deep concern for the protection of human rights
  • An imperative aroundproduct take-back opportunities
Likewise, the above mentioned “impact framework” governs the kernel of Cisco’s responsible approach towards its supply chain.
There are a number of factors which renders Cisco as contributor of “key differentiators” in the society, one of which is the method of “tackling carbon reduction in a fully outsourced supply chain”. In fact, Cisco’s method of reducing carbon footprint can be audited and measured easily.
Shaver reports:
“Being an outsourced global supply chain means we are faced with both challenges and opportunities to reduce the carbon footprint associated with our products. Simply put, we have to find ways to create a carbon emissions program that fits with our structure”.
In an attempt to do the same, Cisco partners with external organisations whereby it acquires a better understanding of the impacts caused by Cisco as well as its suppliers’ action.
Moreover, Shaver also reminds us that:
“Sustainability is about the mutually beneficial outcomes, so it’s imperative that our internal teams, partners and suppliers understand from the very beginning that, in addition to cost quality and delivery, reducing emissions is also a priority”.