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Cisco Invests In CARE India’s Initiative To Finance ‘Scalable Technology’ Addressing Global Crisis


Cisco identifies ideas as potential solutions to pressing global issues and acts as a mentor and a financial support to turn them into reality.

Dailycsr.com – 19 February 2018 – Harbrinder Kang is corporate affairs’ senior director at Cisco Systems Inc who informs that innovative ideas are not limited to Silicon Valley alone it can be found everywhere even in the “dorm rooms” of the United States. Ideas come in all shapes and sizes some are small, some are large, some are global, some are local while others are new or old. Likewise, the “next big thing” could be harboured in the garages, incubators and classrooms.
However, the lack of “initial investment” which helps in funding the design and allows it to “scale” many such ideas in the form of either “products” or “solutions” are prevented from becoming “a reality”. But Cisco is dedicated to identifying such opportunities and investing in them at the “early stage”.
In this manner, Cisco supports “scalable technology solutions” which address some of the “most significant” issues of the environment as well as the society faced by the global citizens. While, Kang added:
“Our partnerships with nonprofit and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) accelerate global problem solving, creating new and better opportunities for people through digitization and technology”.
Recently, under CARE’s “Scale X Design Accelerator”, Cisco made an investment of “US$50,000” to “CARE India’s Teaching Resource Labs”, in short TRL, which helps teachers to enhance their STEM capacities so that the latter in turn can engage the student in “hands-on learning” experiences. In Kang’s words:
“In India, where a lack of resources and the gender gap in the IT field make it difficult for women to reach their full potential, a program like TRL can help transform lives and the country’s economy”.
CARE is a “community partner of Cisco and is dedicated to “save lives, defeat poverty, and achieve social justice through various investments and programs” across the globe, while the “Scale X Design Accelerator” programme helps various groups to “design, test, iterate and scale ideas”. The groups, thus, receives funds and mentoring for transforming “their concepts into scaling, impactful solutions”.
The programme annually culminates in the “Scale X Design Challenge”, wherein global teams come to submit their pitches on solving “specific societal” issues. Being a judge in the said event, alongside other “industry professionals”, Kang informs:
“CARE Georgia’s The Cooperative Fund, which gives rural farmers access to financing and the opportunity to grow their businesses, took home the Scale X Design Challenge grand prize of US$75,000. Making Treasure from Trash, a CARE Ghana initiative to empower more female farmers through agricultural innovations, won the audience prize of US$25,000”.
Cisco is excited to help TRL in creating “their own positive impact”, whereby the latter aims to make a positive difference to “150,000 teachers and 15 million students in India”.