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Carrying Out The More Difficult Conversation Of Emotional Wellness


Booz Allen received its “first-ever Mental Health Corporate Excellence Award”,

Dailycsr.com – 27 November 2019 – “PowerUP wellness program” of Booz Allen was created in the year of 2016 for helping its employees to find the answers to their various questions like:
“Do I feel comfortable here? Can I bring my whole self to work? If I need help, will I get it?”
It has been three years since then. And Booz Allen’s commitment towards its employees “mental and emotional wellbeing” has made a nationwide impact, while the Ethisphere Magazine found Booz Allen as “a model for leaders and companies seeking to transform their own culture.”
“Culture Champions” is the title of an article which bears the details about the evolution of PowerUp from an initial initiative which concentrated on “physical wellness” and then went to take a shape of the present programme with “a more holistic approach”. Moreover, in this journey, one has to take note of the company’s Executive Vice-President, Andrea Inserra’s attempts in championing the “addition of a mental wellness component”. In Inserra’s words:
“Emotional wellness was and is a more difficult conversation to have”.
Furthermore, other factors such as the “Emotional Wellness Symposium” programme of Booz Allen as well as the Joe Sifer’s “internal advocacy work” also acted as facilitators to the above mentioned evolution. Sifer is the “Defense and Military Intelligence business” leader at the firm who shared his experience of dealing with “post-traumatic stress disorder through in-person speaking engagements and firmwide videos, helping people feel more comfortable about talking openly about their own struggles”.
At present, PowerUp has an integrated “mental and emotional wellness program” which features “first responders” internal network who identify “warning signs of emotional suffering” and provide help to the ones who need to “access mental health resources”. Moreover, all the leaders at the firm also take up “mental health and emotional wellness training” under their “annual ethics and compliance training”.
This year, the “Mental Health America” honoured Booz Allen’s efforts towards mental and emotional help of its employees with “its first-ever Mental Health Corporate Excellence Award”.  While, the writer of Ethisphere, Tyler Lawrence said:
“[Booz Allen] has gone all-in on transforming its culture around mental and emotional wellness, in part because a handful of leaders at the company made it a priority”.
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