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CSR 2016 ‘Green Power Leadership Awards’ Honours The Winners


This year, CRS presents its green “market leadership” to “nine winners” in the “Renewable Energy Markets 2016”.

Dailycsr.com – 14 November 2016 – On the 17th of October 2016, the “Center for Resource Solutions” awarded recognition to three individuals and six organisations for their last year’s work in creating “renewable energy” oriented market. During the celebration of “2016 Green Power Leadership Awards” Ceremony, the awardees were honoured.
Moreover, the ceremony also coincided with the conference on the “Renewable Energy Markets 2016” that took place in San Francisco. The “Market Development” award of CRS gives recognition to individuals and organisations alike in the renewable energy fields who played the role of leaders by helping in the increment of clean energy demand.
There are four categories of CRS “market leadership” award:
  • Green Power Market Development
  • International Green Power Market Development
  • Leadership in Green Power Education
  • Green Power Leader of the Year
Green Power Market Development
This category identifies individuals and organisations who work to build and encourage the growth of the voluntary “green power” market and the winners under this category are:
  • Apex Clean Energy
  • Bloomberg LP
  • Robert Griffin, Department of the Navy REPO
  • MCE (Marin Clean Energy)
  • Pacific Power’s Blue Sky Program
International Green Power Market Development
This category honours the ones who are “building markets or demonstrating leadership in green power procurement outside North America”. This year’s winners are:
  • Apple Inc.
  • Google, Inc.
Leadership in Green Power Education
This classification selects “effective and unique programs” along with organisations those concentrate on “green power education” and the winners are:
  • John Schaeffer, Real Goods Solar Living Institute
Green Power Leader of the Year
This category honours “outstanding leadership by an individual” who with the help of one’s own “influence, power, position, or purchasing power” spreads renewable energy. This year’s winner is:
  • Governor Jerry Brown
The Executive Director of CRS, Jennifer Martin, said:
“Our award winners this year are leaders from across the public and private sectors. They represent the diversity of organizations working together to expand clean energy use, from individuals and public officials to small communities and large companies. We are pleased to honor their hard work and continued dedication to renewable energy.”