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Breezair: A Cost-Effective & Evaporative Technology Of Breakthrough Cooler


Seeley International develops the first “high-performance inverter axial evaporative cooler” of the world.

Dailycsr.com – 30 August 2017 – John Doe is a name in furniture retailing that has introduced “five evaporative coolers in place of a traditional air conditioning system. In this manner, the company has taken care of its customers’ and staff’s conform level and also kept its stocks cool while saving on “thousands of pounds”.
The traditional “air conditioning system” proved to be too costly from the point of view of capital expenditure, while the cost of running would also be bulky in terms of space constraints too. These are quite normal problems that “most warehouses or industrial plants” face. As a result, Cool Technology installed Breezair TBSI 580, whereby marking “the latest breakthrough in technology”.
Moreover, HSE also added:
“Developed by Seeley International, the world’s first high-performance inverter axial evaporative cooler, based on the Invertair axial technology, allows lower energy consumption when used at lower speeds”.
This new technology brings down cost of running the machine besides displaying “higher cooling performance”.