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Boston Scientific employees focus on providing effective solutions for Parkinsons’s disease patients


Boston Scientific employees around the world are committed to transforming lives by developing innovative medical solutions that improve the health of patients worldwide. Those who support our deep brain stimulation (DBS) products are focused on providing effective care options to the millions of people affected by Parkinson's disease worldwide. (PD).

DBS employs a small, surgically implanted device to send signals to a specific area of the brain. By reducing disease symptoms, the stimulation can improve motor function. DBS is intended to help people with Parkinson's disease reduce their medications and experience fewer side effects, such as uncontrolled movements.

We sat down with three employees whose passion for working on DBS products has a deeply personal connection for Parkinson's Awareness Month.

Caring for others is a way of life for Nicky Nault. She works with patients and physicians to raise awareness of DBS therapy, how it works, and the latest technology available as a clinical specialist based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Nicky recently saw a patient who had recently received a new, rechargeable Boston Scientific battery for her DBS device.

“Afterward, I asked her to write her name with the stimulation off, and she couldn’t due to her tremors,” said Nicky. “But after switching the therapy on, she smiled as she clearly wrote out each letter. It was incredible to witness.”*

Nicky is a loving mother at home. Janessa, her daughter, is pursuing a career in the medical device industry and is a participant in the Boston Scientific BOOST program, which focuses on increasing career opportunities for Black students and professionals. She aspires to work in health care like her mother. Janessa and Nicky understand the value of patient care on a personal level. They shared the experience of caring for Nicky's two sons, Avery and Isaiah, who, despite battling mitochondrial disease, demonstrated tremendous courage and optimism.

Unfortunately, Avery and Isaiah died in 2016 and 2021, respectively, but their memories continue to guide the family.

“I see my boys in the patients I work with every day,” said Nicky. “I’m grateful to know and be a part of their stories, and when I go to bed at night I know I did my best to help them. Tomorrow, I’ll do even better.”

Celine Constant, like Nicky, believes that changing people's lives has personal significance. She uses analytics and digital marketing as a senior multi-channel specialist based in southern France to identify and connect with Parkinson's disease patients who may benefit from DBS therapy.

Celine first experienced the debilitating symptoms of Parkinson's disease as a teenager, when her grandmother was diagnosed with the disease. "I was very close to my grandmother and witnessed all of the difficulties she faced as she saw many different specialists and tried a variety of treatments." Celine made the decision to work in health care at that time.

Celine entered the Neuromodulation industry in 2015, hoping to make a difference in the lives of patients like her grandmother.

“For me, it’s about providing patients with education and tools, and empowering them to find the best solution for their needs,” said Celine.

“If I can help lessen the burden of this disease for even one patient and their family, I know I’m living my purpose.”

Benny Yeh, R&D manager, had a childhood dream of helping others. He knew he wanted to work in health care, but he wasn't sure if that meant following in his grandfather's footsteps as a doctor who treated patients or assisting in the development of therapies to help those patients. He discovered his answer as a young adult in college.

Benny was always drawn to solving problems. It's how he ended up studying electrical and biomedical engineering, and how he ended up with an internship at Boston Scientific.

He has worked his way up through the engineering ranks at the company since joining in 2006, and he now leads a team in the R&D division. Benny's team is in charge of developing and maintaining the automated test equipment that ensures every DBS product manufactured by Boston Scientific meets the highest quality standards.

“We play a role in testing the stimulators, the remote controls, the batteries — everything that makes up the DBS therapy,” said Benny.

While he works primarily from the R&D area at the Valencia, California, location, he recalls a few memorable occasions when he was able to meet some of the patients who use the products he helps test.

“When you’re in the weeds of the process and the individual pieces that make up something like a DBS device, sometimes you can lose sight of the big picture,” he said.

“But to go to the hospital or medical facility and see the real people and their families — it’s an emotional reminder of why we do this, and why our commitment to quality is so important.”