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Booz Allen Reallocates ‘$100 million’ For Job Security As A Response To COVID-19 Pandemic


Employee protection, to their financial security to social commitment, Booz Allen has a wide range of resilience initiatives.

Dailycsr.com – 30 April 2020 – Booz Allen has reallocated “$100 million” for ensuring job security, while introducing flexible work and training options besides expanding its “dependent-care program”. Moreover, it has also under taken a company-wide challenge of creating face masks as well as “other personal protection equipment”.
In various measure, whether big or small, the company is working to help its “employees and community” alike amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It continues to carry on its efforts with more initiatives likely to be announced in the coming days. In the past:
“On April 1, Booz Allen committed $100 million to a pandemic resilience program for the firm’s 27,000 employees and the communities where they live and work”.
While the President as well as the chief executive of Booz Allen, Horacio Rozanski said:
“These moves will help protect the health and financial security of our people, their loved ones, and their communities during a very uncertain, difficult time”.
Under the resilience initiative, Booz Allen funds, assists and provides technological support to “vulnerable populations, military families, veterans, and frontline healthcare workers”. Moreover, the said initiative only gets bolstered with the company’s commitment towards “pandemic-related causes”. Here are the list of points which Booz Allen’s initial giving focused on, as mentioned by the company:
  • “Veterans and military families through the COVID-19 Military Support Initiative
  • “Frontline healthcare workers and vulnerable communities through the CDC Foundation
  • “Vulnerable local populations, and national efforts to support areas highly impacted by the COVID-19 virus, through the Feeding America® network of food banks and community-based agencies”.