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Bloomberg To Train Women To Face Cameras


Bloomberg attempts to bring in a dynamic change in order to promote inclusion and diversity in the media sector.

Dailycsr.com – 22 May 2019 – Leon Kaye write that there is no ambiguity on the fact that women do not receive equal exposure in the “global media sector”. Even though, various companies are claiming that they are working to improve this scenario, when we see news channels among other presenters, most appear to be makes taking on the anchor’s desk, especially when it comes to “business and finance” related matters.
In Kaye’s words:
“Women continue to chip away at that glass ceiling, and of course, more have entrenched themselves into leadership positions at top global companies”.
If women were to be invited to take up the coveted seat as analyst guest in news shows, it would set precedence for other women and many more doors are likely to open up. However, many of women in this profession have not received media training.
It is exactly this situation that Bloomberg is working upon as it strives to bring in a dynamic change. As a result, it has begun an initiative of training more women in media in an attempt to get them ready to face the camera.
Learn about this initiative of Bloomberg by clicking on the link below: