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Benevity Customises Corporate Giving With Its Cloud Solution ‘Spark’


Integrating innovation, technology and creativity, corporate volunteering has become a round the year event.

Dailycsr.com – 29 April 2017 – The National Volunteer Week was given recognition as “Benevity shares that Spark”, the latter being Benevity’s “leading cloud solution” in the market that adds to “workplace giving, grantmaking and volunteering”.
The said solution came in handy to “enterprise clients” for achieving “record growth in volunteering, helping to drive employee engagement and skills development” besides creating “a positive social impact”. Benevity and its clients are experiencing “triple digit year-over-year increases” in the field of “corporate volunteer hours”. In this endeavour, Spark’s user friendly mobile “volunteer sign-up” plays role, while tracking time and “rewards capabilities”. The Chief Executive Officer as well as the Founder of Benevity, Bryan de Lottinville considers the “record growth” to the shifting designs of “employee volunteer programs”.
In his words:
“We’re seeing more companies move away from traditional month-of-service programs with high barriers to entry towards a more inclusive, year-round volunteer experience for their people. Today’s corporate volunteer programs must be flexible enough to accommodate a broad spectrum of ages, abilities, interests, skill sets and lifestyles to help engage an increasingly diverse workforce. Companies are recognizing that democratized Goodness programs are powerful levers in creating a common sense of purpose, a compelling workplace culture and are an important vehicle for companies to contribute positively to their local communities. This is especially important as corporations look to attract, retain and engage today’s socially-conscious 21st century workforce, from boomers to millennials.”
Moreover, Benevity underlines the “positive correlation” that exists between “volunteerism and other giving back behaviour”, as seventy percent of the volunteers take part in “workplace giving programs” donates money to only double the sum given by “non-volunteers”. This reflects powerfully “integrated strategies” that go in hand with “intuitive software” for supporting “CSR and employee engagement leaders” to meet their goals. Lottinville continues:
“We are helping our clients move away from a purely transactional focus for corporate and workplace giving programs to one that meets people (and companies) where they are and assists them along a spectrum of involvement that leads to broader co-creation and co-ownership of outcomes. There is tremendous business and social impact in a grassroots approach.”
California’s Blue Shield is a client of Benevity that could be held as an example for being a non-profit with “mission-driven health plan”, Blue Shield witnessed “significant growth in volunteering last year”, which also promoted “employee well-being and engagement”. Blue Shield’s director of corporate citizenship, Antoinette Terrana, said:
“Creating a healthier California begins with creating an exceptional employee experience. Since launching Spark at Blue Shield in 2014, we’ve partnered with Benevity to create flexibility and convenience in our program and significantly increase volunteer hours from 2015 to 2016 by 173 percent.”
With the help of Spark’s “volunteer module” Blue Shield enriched its volunteering culture through “focused campaigns and more structured volunteer opportunities throughout the year”. While Terrana added:
“Benevity’s easy-to-use and flexible software has helped us support our community involvement initiatives and enhance our employee experience. And when our employees are actively involved in volunteerism, it leads to a deeper connection and commitment to advancing our company’s mission.”