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Barclays Move Forward To Help Start-Ups After Successful Completion Of Pilot Projects


Barclays have opened a new Eagle Lab to provide the upcoming businesses with a helping hand in technological front.

Dailycsr.com – 14 April 2016 – Capitalising on the successful pilot projects conducted at “Bournemouth and Cambridge”, Barclays started its “third Eagle Labs space in Brighton”.
The lab of Barclays will bring resources at disposal, whereby conducting “event space”, mentoring from experts, “3D printers and laser cutters” for the start-ups of the United Kingdom, thus providing them with a “crucial boost”.
Barclays investments into Eagle Labs has been trying to encourage “innovation in the future of fast growth sectors” besides the production and manufacturing units of the United Kingdom. The bank has further plans of opening twenty such labs in total which will form part of its wider rollout” across the region of the United Kingdom, also counting in Huddersfield and Birmingham.
The requirements have been designed keeping in mind the “needs of local entrepreneurs, businesses and communities” and can be customised to match the economic potency of “specific industries”. As per Ethicalperformance, the Labs are to feature:
  • Barclays Eagle LabIncubators – will specifically target high-growth firms and entrepreneurs who are projecting 20% growth or more, giving fast growing businesses the space and resources to help them succeed. They will benefit from collaborating with other like-minded business, and mentoring from Barclays industry experts.
  • Barclays Eagle LabMakerSpaces – will offer access to 3D printers and laser cutters. This means businesses will have access to the tools they need to rapidly produce and test prototypes without having to import from overseas, and can reduce the time and cost taken from concept to market significantly”.
The Chief Executive Officer of Barclays U.K, Ashok Vaswani thinks that:
“...technology is a fundamental component to how start-ups can grow and scale. By giving companies access to a 3D printer, people can now turn a clever idea into a business success overnight. In addition financial expertise and mentoring will be available onsite to help companies grow and succeed”.
The recent “Barclays and BGF Entrepreneurs Index” indicate that start-ups have been at the highest so far in the last three years adding up to “3.86% nationally in the first half of 2015”. Yet, statistics show that the “high-growth businesses” are in the decline, therefore it is imperative that steps are to be taken to support them in their attempt of survival so that they can thrive to their fullest.