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Baker Hughes Honored for Corporate Volunteering at Houston Food Bank: President's Award Recipient


Baker Hughes has been honored by U.S. President Joe Biden and the President's Council on Service and Civic Participation for its exceptional corporate volunteering efforts in support of the Houston Food Bank throughout 2023. Recognized with the prestigious 2023 Gold President's Volunteer Service Award for the third consecutive year, Baker Hughes contributed over 1,000 hours of service, equivalent to approximately 67,708 meals. 

The Houston Food Bank plays a vital role in distributing food and essential supplies to individuals in need, collaborating with more than 1,600 community partners. Beyond food distribution, the organization offers a range of programs and services aimed at fostering long-term stability, including nutrition education, health management, and assistance in accessing state-funded support. 

Baker Hughes takes great pride in its partnership with the Houston Food Bank, reflecting its commitment to doing what's right for customers, employees, and the community. The company remains dedicated to fostering a culture of volunteerism and will continue to align its charitable initiatives with community needs in a meaningful manner.

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