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BITC Sets New Certifying Measures For Sustainable Business Practices


BITC has created a landmark in paving a green business practice methods, whereby setting a standard for Ireland businesses.

Dailycsr.com – 23 February 2016 – Chartering the territories of sustainable and responsible business practices, the BITC of Ireland launches a new standard of green and sustainable practices under the title “Business Working Responsibly Mark”, which will be used to certify such business practices.
In Ireland, Mark stands alone when it comes to the yard stick for measuring Corporate Social Responsibility Standards of all the business in the country, whereby the variety ranges from the management of supply chains to CSR related activities and extends its grasp to employees’ well being and even covers the policies under environmental issues under its wings.
Mark bases itself on “ISO 26000” standards and is audited by the National Standards Authority. Likewise, it’s endorsement of practices awarded to a third party is credible.
Enlisted benefits of Nark endorsement include a credulous profile as a “leading” CSR organisation, “better credentials”, improvement in the “employee morale” and an “enhanced investor relations”.