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Avantor Associates Advancing Life-Changing Science: Embracing Inclusivity for a Sustainable Future


Avantor's global team of over 14,500 dedicated associates is committed to advancing life-changing science by addressing today's complex challenges. The company's core values, known as ICARE - innovation, customer centricity, accountability, respect, and excellence - form the bedrock of their daily actions, driving them to set science in motion and create a better world. Emphasizing inclusivity, Avantor fosters an environment where diverse behaviors are celebrated, ensuring an experience that associates can take pride in.
Avantor's dedication to its people is evident throughout the associate experience, encompassing everything from hiring and development to creating safe and appreciative work environments. By embracing this approach, Avantor's associates are making a tangible impact today and laying the foundation for a meaningful future.
To continue fostering their ICARE culture and enabling associates to achieve their aspirations, Avantor focuses on attracting like-minded individuals who share a passion for discovery and advancing the mission of Science for Goodness. The Global Talent Acquisition Team plays a pivotal role in engaging and attracting top talent, continually evolving their global talent acquisition and development programs.
In their commitment to inclusivity, Avantor has made strides in enhancing their candidate sourcing process. They have launched a new Talent Marketing Framework, ensuring a candidate-centric experience with relevant information available worldwide. Additionally, Avantor has created new outreach resources, updated their "Careers" pages on the website, and onboarded new recruitment partners to diversify candidate pools. By employing an inclusive language analysis tool, they have successfully attracted more diverse and marginalized candidates to their job posts.
As a result of these efforts, Avantor has achieved significant outcomes, including placing over 4,600 new hires across various regions worldwide. Notably, nearly one-third of these hires were referred by current Avantor associates, demonstrating a strong sense of camaraderie within the organization. The internal promotion of Avantor candidates to new roles is also prevalent, showcasing the company's commitment to nurturing talent from within.
Avantor's focus on promoting diversity is evident in their efforts to increase female applicants for senior positions, with an impressive 173% year-over-year growth. Additionally, their dedication to veterans is reflected in hosting job fairs specifically for applicants with military experience, resulting in 40 sourced candidates. The optimization of job posts has also yielded positive results, attracting 67% more diverse candidates.
Through these initiatives and commitments, Avantor is paving the way for a brighter future, leveraging the power of inclusivity and innovation to build a sustainable world for all.
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