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Arbor Day Foundation and J.M. Huber Corporation collaborate on reforestation


Project sites includes areas across North Carolina as well as international locations in France, Germany, Brazil, and China.

Arbor Day Foundation and J.M. Huber Corporation collaborate on reforestation
The Arbor Day Foundation and J.M. Huber Corporation ("Huber") are expanding their collaboration to focus tree planting efforts on forests and neighborhoods in the United States and around the world that need trees the most. The partnership will support nine reforestation projects this year, as well as an urban community tree planting event and additional tree planting opportunities for Huber employees.

Reforestation efforts in the United States will take place in the Catskill Mountains of New York and at various project sites throughout North Carolina, with international projects taking place in Brazil, China, France, and Germany. In France, Huber will collaborate with the Foundation's local planting partner to offer a community tree planting opportunity in Montrouge, just a few miles south of Paris. The event will involve the planting of 1,000 trees by Huber team members and community volunteers in order to improve the community's urban forest and provide ecological benefits to residents.

Furthermore, Huber will fund the distribution of hundreds of trees to their Georgia workforce in early 2023 through the Foundation's Community Canopy program, which ships individual trees to local employees' homes. In addition, the program will provide educational tools and information to ensure that the trees are planted in the best possible location to maximize environmental benefits.

“We are thrilled to be working with Huber to help increase our ability to plant the right trees in the right places, worldwide,” said Dan Lambe, Arbor Day Foundation’s CEO. “This multi-faceted partnership is a great way to invite people from many walks of life to participate in vitally important ecosystem preservation efforts and experience the true power that trees have in our communities.”

The Arbor Day Foundation has worked for nearly 500 million trees to be planted in forests and communities around the world over the last 50 years. The Foundation facilitates projects that enable organizations of all sizes to achieve their sustainability goals through measurable, impactful work with trees and forests through a global network of partnerships. The Foundation recently announced a five-year initiative to plant 500 million trees in forests and communities in need.

“Supporting high-impact environmental causes is essential to achieving our sustainability goals and is one of the foundational pillars of our Huber Helps program,” said Don Young, EVP & Chief Sustainability Officer of Huber.

“By engaging employees in a community planting event and inviting them to plant their own tree at home, we are seeking to demonstrate Huber’ commitment to carbon reduction through the power of trees, while also supporting the growth and protection of forest ecosystems across the planet.”

Huber has had a long-standing commitment to philanthropy and community engagement (cash, in-kind product donations, and employee volunteerism) to support a wide range of worthy charitable initiatives in the communities where its employees and shareholders live and work since its inception in 1883. The company has pledged to donate 1% of its annual net income to organizations that support affordable housing, education and wellness, and the environment.

J.M. Huber and the Foundation plan to plant a variety of tree species, including longleaf pine stands, on reclaimed minelands in West Virginia in 2021 to help restore endemic wildlife habitat in the lower Mississippi River Valley. As these trees grow and mature, the impact of these projects will help improve degraded landscapes and former forests for future generations, providing benefits such as flood mitigation, carbon sequestration, and improved wildlife habitat.