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AllianceBernstein Wins Best Sustainable Investment Education Award at 2023 Investment Week


AllianceBernstein has been recognized with the Best Sustainable Investment Education Initiative award at the 2023 Investment Week Sustainable Investment Awards. This prestigious accolade acknowledges their noteworthy contribution to sustainable investing through the creation of the Anti-Slavery Digital Learning tool in collaboration with Themis. This initiative received substantial support from key partners such as the UK Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, Unseen UK, and RedCompass Labs RedFlag Accelerator.
The Investment Week Sustainable Investment Awards recognize outstanding achievements in sustainable investing across fund and service providers, research teams, and dedicated individuals.
The "Anti-Slavery Digital Learning for the Financial Services Industry" training program is a valuable resource accessible to 70,000 financial institutions in the UK at no cost. Moreover, it holds accreditation from the London Institute of Banking & Finance.
At AllianceBernstein, we are firmly committed to the belief that comprehensive training is essential for mitigating the risks associated with modern slavery. We emphasize the importance of raising awareness about modern slavery, equipping individuals with the ability to identify it, and providing guidance on how to effectively address and reduce it, with the ultimate goal of eradicating this heinous practice.