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A Sneak Peek Into Moody’s Initiatives To Carve Women Leaders


Moody’s prepares its women leaders for “future challenges”.

Dailycsr.com – 28 December 2018 – The senior women and lady officers at Moody’s benefit from the “Women in Leadership programs” providing them with “development opportunities”. The focus of these initiatives is on creating a strong leadership chain at Moody’s as it sharpens the participants’ skills and increases their “visibility across the company”.
Similarly, Moody’s still globally rolls out the “Building Leadership Presence Through Powerful Communication and the Senior Women's Leadership Forum”. And the “Managing Director in the Financial Institutions Group at MIS”, Ana Arsov shared her experience of participating in the programme as well as being at Moody’s.
Talking about her “past experiences” helping in her present responsibilities, Arsov said:
“My prior roles prepared me well for my role at Moody's, as I was able to gain in-depth knowledge of credit analysis for various financial institutions. Working in various risk roles at investment banks has been very helpful in helping me to understand risk analysis, processes and governance of these very complex organizations, which is critical in our analytical engagement with these issuers”.
According to her the “most important skills” that she has to offer at Moody’s is her “extensive experience in credit analysis”, which she vouches to be “very helpful towards the analytical part” of her job”. However, she further stated that she also brings “prior management experience and organizational skills which are helpful towards the people, projects and process management aspect of being in a Managing Director role”.
Arsov has been honoured to be recently accepted into the “Institute of International Finance's Future Leaders Program”. Expressing her gratitude and sharing her involvement in the same, she added:
“I am very grateful for this recognition. Moody's nominated me for the IIF 2018 Future Leaders Program which was created in 2014 by the IIF Board of Directors to recognize future leaders within the financial industry. Participants are nominated based on a track record of achievement and their potential. The 2018 class consists of 51 individuals from 50 institutions and 26 countries. We'll work together to share ideas and experiences and to discuss and prepare for future challenges ahead in an ever-changing global economy. This is the first year that Moody's has a representative and I could not be prouder to represent the company!”
In Arsov’s words:
“Leaders in today's complex world need to have many strong qualities, but I think ultimately humility, genuine care for people, and openness to diverse and critical thinking are key characteristics of leadership that I admire and try to emulate”.
She thinks to be professionally successful one needs to select a job that one loves, as the focus should not shift on managing a career for oneself instead one needs to “do everything” in one’s capacity to be prepared for the moment of success.
For embracing the career Arsov chose, she thinks one needs to embrace “learning as a lifetime process” besides surrounding oneself with “smart and capable people”. Arsov further describes MIS, saying:
“MIS is in essence an analytical organization and one needs to be always curious and enjoy analysis to be successful in an analytical role. And beyond MIS and Moody's, broadly speaking in an ever-changing and dynamic world, one needs to always keep abreast at most current and recent developments in their sector and industries to stay relevant”.
Arsov has spent “significant” time on “reading research and related material” that came from her analysts as well as from “other sources” which helped in keeping her “skills fresh” and challenging her own along her “team's views”. Furthermore, Arsov added:
“On my other point and with the managerial hat, I am a firm believer that successful outcomes for any manager and organization is dependent on getting and retaining the right talent for the job and facilitating an environment that allows them to thrive”.