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A Forum That Allows Corporate Leaders To Be Themselves


The Leaders Forum is back for its second round; all those who are interested need to book their spot now, as the Forum features only three hundred spots in total.

Dailycsr.com – 02 May 2018 – In the words of the attendee of “2017 Forum” – “The Leaders Forum was the most valuable event that I attended last year” while the chances for the VPs and the chief executive officers practicing to attend this year’s Forum are drawing near as the Conscious business team revealed the “initial speaker line up”.
The “Leaders Forum” organised by the Conscious Company turns out to be the leading gathering event for the who’s who of corporate leaders ranging from “CEOs, executives, investors, and thought leaders” who show an interest in making their business profitable as well as positive impact creator of the society.
The Forum is scheduled to take place from the 6 to 8 June 2018, wherein leaders representing “some of the most impressive brands” meet at the redwood forest’s retreat centre to discuss on “what’s really working for conscious leaders and businesses” without any interruption. For being a part in this very room, kindly apply to book your place by visiting the link provided below:
According to Ethical Performance, the attendees of the Forum gather to:
  • “Listen to the real, unfiltered stories from behind the scenes of some of the most innovative brands in the space
  • “Establish one-on-one connections with fellow leaders in a relaxing, rejuvenating environment
  • “Learn how to be a more effective leader, how to create a more engaged workplace, and how to have a greater impact on the world through your business
  • “Connect deeply with some of the most successful people in conscious business who are representative of the movement’s diversity across age, sex, race, and industry
  • “Participate in deep-dive workshops hosted by world-class facilitators and trainers
  • “Enjoy time for yoga, hiking, fresh meals, and holistic well-being”
Here is an initial list of speakers, as mentioned by Ethical Performance:
  • Michael C. Bush: CEO at Great Place To Work®
  • Lorna Davis: Global Ambassador, B Lab; former CEO, DanoneWave
  • Mark Rampolla: CEO, Beanfields Snacks; Managing Partner, Powerplant Ventures; Founder and former CEO of ZICO Beverages
  • Rodney Foxworthy: Executive Director, BALLE
  • Deepa Purushothaman, National Managing Principal, Inclusion at Deloitte
  • Chad Houser: Founder and Executive Director, Café Momentum & 2018 CNN Hero
The above mentioned Forum has been designed to create an occasion for corporate leaders, “key executives” as well as decision makers to indulge in “real conversation” that deals with “what matters most in conscious business”. This way, Conscious Company hopes to become facilitator of “a transformative experience”. The attendees are selected through “an application-only basis” as a way of ensuring that all the attendees can contribute to the discussion and take part in the “high-level, nuanced conversations about business”, whereby generating “an incredible conference experience together”.
Given the precedence of 2017, wherein more than a thousand people applied for only two hundred spots of the Forum which were “completely sold out”, in 2018 the attendees capacity has been raised to 300.
The uniqueness of the Forum comes from the raw business conversations which stand for themselves without any keynotes or slides, allows the attendees to “connect, collaborate, and truly engage with each other”. As a result, the corporate leaders leave behind their “polished speeches” and come to learn and share from each others “mistakes, challenges, and triumphs”.
For further information, kindly visit: