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A Day Dedicated To Planting Of Trees


Planting over two hundred trees to spread environmental awareness.

Dailycsr.com – 20 August 2021 – The CNH Industrial has its manufacturing units in Querétaro, Mexico as it joined hands with “Cáritas de Querétaro” to organised a day dedicated to planting of trees, whereby consecrating a day that promotes “environmental awareness” along with sustainability at the communal level in “El Salitre, Querétaro”.
In order to attained the above mentioned goal, CNH de México bought around “212 fruit trees” and delivered them to the local community which then were planted in collaboration with the community members as well as the volunteers from the “CNH Industrial volunteers”, the said event took place in the month of July 2021.
Recalling the event wherein over two hundred fruit trees were planted, the director of Human Resources at the “CNH de México”, Noé Ruvalcaba added:
“This tree planting event was a great way to continue our partnership with Cáritas de Querétaro and to connect with our local communities. Thanks to CNH Industrial’s Solidarity Fund initiative, we’ve been able to support our community through various community engagement programs.”