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‘3rd Winter Youth Olympic Games’ In Lausanne 2020 Announces Sustainable Olympic Cauldron


Youth Olympic Games Lausanne 2020’s organising committee’s sustainable approach introduces the eco-friendly powered Olympic Cauldron for the first time in the history of the historic games.

‘3rd Winter Youth Olympic Games’ In Lausanne 2020 Announces Sustainable Olympic Cauldron
Dailycsr.com – 23 July 2019 – The ceremonious beginning of Olympic flame lighting takes places in Greece, whereby the 2020 “3rd Winter Youth Olympic Games” which place in Lausanne will also begin in Athens.
Following the flame lighting ceremony, the torch will travel across Switzerland to reach the Olympic cauldron at Lausanne. However, something historic is expected at this event, as Lausanne’s sustainable commitments will for the first time introduce “wooden pellets” powered cauldron. This will be made possible thanks to “an unprecedented partnership” which has brought together “several organisations in the region”.
The consortium is creating a “unique value chain” which will cover from the designing phase of the cauldron to its completion. At the outset, the “regional action community of Lignum Swiss Wood Economy” that unites all the “regional stakeholders from the wood sector”, namely Lignum Vaud, is at the helm of the designing and manufacturing unit which is creating the heart of the cauldron, the burner. On the other hand, a team consisting of thermal and mechanical engineers as well as mechanics worked to develop “a new technology” which will innovate to keep the “flame fully autonomous for 24-hour cycles”, the “only guideline set by the Lausanne 2020 Organising Committee”.
Given this instruction, it meant that without “any external power supply” the operation of the cauldron running on pellets will be filled “only once a day”. This is where the cauldron presents its “most distinctive feature”, as the “only fuel used will be Swiss wooden pellets”, whereby marking a first time in the history of Olympic Games. Additionally, this has come forth as a “sustainable solution” while providing an opportunity to “promote local knowledge and know-how”.
Furthermore, students from “a class of ECAL Industrial Design Bachelor” worked with “the Ecole de la Construction and C-For!” apprentices while Lignum Vaud also formed part of the team. Together, they designed the cauldron and developed a “technically feasible project”. Several proposals were made while one of the received a special jury’s approval. The “technical drawings”, however, were done by C-For!
While, IOC News reported that:
“In order to promote the hard work and innovative ideas from all students, the cauldron projects which were not selected will be on display at The Olympic Museum from October 2019 until the end of the YOG.”
The cauldron production is scheduled to be “completed in early autumn”, while the final product will be kept secret till the “Opening Ceremony”.