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3M Invests in EVOLOH: Advancing Green Hydrogen Production for Clean Energy Transition


3M has made a strategic investment in EVOLOH, a cleantech company dedicated to advancing the production of electrolyzers for green hydrogen at scale. Electrolyzers function by employing electricity to split water molecules, yielding hydrogen that serves as a clean fuel alternative or as a chemical component to substitute fossil fuels in hard-to-decarbonize sectors such as steel manufacturing and aviation.
The cost-effective manufacturing of green hydrogen holds immense significance for achieving global climate objectives. This investment underscores 3M's steadfast commitment to climate tech solutions rooted in materials science. It exemplifies 3M's dedication to fostering the growth of the hydrogen economy and facilitating a transition toward clean energy.
Mark Copman, Senior Vice President of 3M New Growth Ventures, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration potential between 3M and EVOLOH. He highlighted 3M's extensive experience in membrane electrode assembly manufacturing and its alignment with EVOLOH's goal of democratizing access to clean and economical hydrogen worldwide.
EVOLOH distinguishes itself through its innovative approach to electrolyzer manufacturing, utilizing core components crafted from abundant materials like steel, plastic, and aluminum, rather than relying on precious metals or rare earth elements. This results in cost-effective electrolyzer modules, installation, and maintenance.
3M Ventures, the venture capital arm of 3M, recently participated in EVOLOH's Series A fundraising round, injecting $20 million into the company to bolster its manufacturing capabilities. Dr. Jimmy Rojas, Founder and CEO of EVOLOH, remarked that this funding round positions the company to become a frontrunner in electrolyzer manufacturing by transforming electrolyzer stacks into accessible and efficient hardware products sourced entirely from local supply chains.
The investment in EVOLOH represents just one facet of 3M's broader efforts to advance hydrogen technologies. Other initiatives include the development of high-performance catalyst technology for proton exchange membrane water electrolysis and a joint research project with HD Hyundai Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (KSOE) to create large liquid hydrogen storage tanks utilizing 3M glass bubbles – innovative high-strength, low-density hollow glass microspheres.

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